Alita Battle Angel 2 may finally be happening

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Alita Battle Angel 2, a sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s epic movie, may finally be on its way, much to the excitement of the Alita Army.

Alita: Battle Angel is something of a fascinating movie. Produced by James Cameron and directed by Robert Rodriguez, the three year old film isn’t universally loved, but it has gained somewhat of a cult following in recent years.

Thanks to an impressive box office haul prior to the pandemic – $405 million worldwide – its impressive style and large story have managed to make a slight mark on pop culture. However, the film didn’t do well enough to guarantee a sequel, much to the disappointment of the self-named “Alita Army.”

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But now that may change – in fact there’s been more and more talk about a potential Alita: Battle Angel 2. There’d been plenty of plans for multiple sequels previously, but now at least one could very well be happening at long last.

Alita Battle Angel 2 is on the cards

Given that the recent 20th Century Fox and Disney merger is fully complete – which had reportedly been stalling the sequels – it seems like there is more grounding for the film to have a future.

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Director Robert Rodriguez has always been optimistic that Disney would be interested in building a franchise, stating, “I think anything is possible,” to Forbes in 2020.

“Disney bought Fox, and they have Disney+, so that is worth the conversation. I know other people would love to see another, and I would love to do another one. As far as where it would go or how it would be made, I think streaming has opened up many opportunities such as sequels,” he said.

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“It’s already a pre-sold concept, it’s already got a built-in audience that wants to see it, and then it’s delivered to them in a way that’s the easiest for them to consume. So, it’s not a bad idea.”

Alita and Avatar 2 producer Jon Landau actually spoke to recently, stating that he and Robert Rodriguez discussed plans for a sequel just a few weeks ago: “Robert and I had a conversation about it two weeks ago. We’re very excited about that prospect.

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“Alita is is a movie that even now having recently like re-watched it for what we had, we’re really proud of that movie. And we think that there are more stories to tell with her character and that’s why we want to go back to it.”

Like the #SaveDaredevil and #SnyderCut online movements, the Alita Army has been hard at work lobbying for a sequel, which Landau greatly appreciates: “Alita Army! Way to go keep it up. I got, I tell you a funny story.”

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“I went back to Los Angeles. I’ve been in New Zealand for quite some time and I went back to Los Angeles over the summer and the day I was there, the first day back, I opened the Los Angeles Times and there’s an ad from the Alita Army in color and I was like, ‘There you go! Thank you. Keep it up!'”

Alita: Battle Angel is currently available to stream on Disney+. Please note that if you click on a product link on this page we may earn a small affiliate commission.

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