5 Han So-hee K-dramas besides Gyeongseong Creature

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Actor Han So-hee in Soundtrack #1, Nevertheless, My Name, and 100 Days My Prince.

Netflix’s Gyeongseong Creature thrust actor Han So-hee into a historical mystery thriller full of action, secrets, and danger – but she has been well-received for her other popular K-dramas, too.

Han So-hee has enthralled the K-drama for many years and landed her first leading role in 2017’s Money Flower. The actor now stars in Netflix’s Gyeongseong Creature as the character Yoon Chae-ok, a form of bounty hunter specializing in finding missing people.

Gyeongseong Creature sees the character look for her missing mother alongside her father and ventures to Gyeognseong. They then meet a local rich man known for his reliable information. The characters are soon thrust into a series of missing persons cases connected to the horrid secret within Onseong Hospital.

The Netflix K-drama has received rave reviews applauding Han in yet another dynamic leading role, not to mention her impressive on-screen stunt work. With Gyeongseong Creature airing its final episodes, here are some of the actor’s other well-known works.

100 Days My Prince

One of Han So-hee’s earliest K-dramas was 100 Days My Prince. While the actor isn’t the lead character, she’s well-recognized for her role in the K-drama. Han starred as Kim So-hye, the Crown Princess who is stuck in a loveless marriage and has fallen for one of her father’s killers.

100 Days My Prince focuses on Lee Yul, Crown Prince of Joseon. He’s described as being cold and aloof, but secretly harbors immense loneliness. He angers citizens when passing a law stating everyone must be married by the age of 28.

When an attempt on Prince Lee Yul’s life is made, he’s wounded and loses his memory. He has no idea who he is and meets Hong Shim. She’s intelligent and cares for both herself and her father, but is angered by the marriage law. Seeing as Hong Shim is close to the marriage age and must find a husband or face penalties, Lee Yul proposes. But will their love prevail when Lee Yul regains his memories?

100 Days My Prince is available on Viki.

The World of the Married


One of Han So-hee’s biggest claims to fame is the K-drama The World of the Married. The 2020 series is a fan favorite and is based on the BBC show Doctor Foster. It focuses on a woman’s quest for revenge after learning the people closest to her have been lying all along.

Ji Seon-u (Kim Hee-ae) is a renowned and respected family doctor and director of a hospital. In her eyes, she has the perfect life, career, and loving director husband and son. But her world crumbles when realizing the dark truth behind the glamour.

Her husband has been having an affair with a much younger woman. To make matters worse, all of her friends were well aware of his cheating, had met the other woman, and even encouraged the relationship. Yeo Da-kyung (Han So-hee) is young, beautiful, cunning, and has no intentions of letting Seon-u’s husband go.

The World of the Married gained attention for its portrayal of sex, violence, and darker themes. K-drama fans often remember Han in her leading role as the show’s mistress.

The World of the Married is available on Disney+.


When it comes to red flags, Netflix’s Nevertheless took the cake among fans as being the most controversial and divisive. Fans went gaga over the on-screen pairing between Han So-hee and Love Alarm actor Song Kang.

Nevertheless is a steamy romance that displays the various complexities of romantic relationships. Han stars as Yoo Na-bi, a student at an art college who swears off love after her ex publicly humiliates her. She soon meets her school’s notorious playboy, Park Jae-eon (Song Kang). He’s known around school for his kind demeanor that borders on flirtation with women.

…But he’s also known for his insistence on not having relationships. When he meets Na-bi, he becomes enthralled with her. While Na-bi isn’t blind to Jae-eon’s red flags, she’s like a moth to a flame. They dive into a complex tug-and-pull relationship that can crash and burn or be an eye-opener.

Nevertheless is available on Netflix.

My Name

Han So-hee goes from a complex romance to an exhilarating action-thriller in the revenge drama My Name. It’s the first K-drama where the actor trained with stuntmen to perform her own dynamic stunts and fight sequences. The actor was applauded by fans for her determination and grit on screen.

Yoon Ji-woo has always been seen as an outsider for the simple fact that her father is a gangster. Despite their rocky relationship, her father tries to protect and care for his daughter. On the night of her birthday, Ji-woo witnesses his murder. Fueled by pure rage and revenge, she seeks out her father’s boss – the leader of Korea’s biggest crime organization.

She proves her worth by training in their ranks but is warned that she must become a monster to find her father’s killer. With the help of the boss, she’s told the answer lies within the police force and goes undercover. She fools everyone with a new identity until meeting Jeon Pil-do (Ahn Bo-hyun), her new partner.

Sooner rather than later, Ji-woo unravels the truth as Pil-do catches on that something isn’t right.

My Name is available on Netflix.

Soundtrack #1

Shifting away from action and crime, Han So-hee had fans falling in love with her short-run K-drama Soundtrack #1 with actor Park Hyung-sik. The series left fans wanting more after just four episodes. Han starred as Lee Eun-soo, an aspiring lyricist who has been best friends with Han Seon-woo (Park) for 20 years.

When life throws a curveball, Seon-woo finds himself having to live with Eun-soo for a few days. The problem is that living in close proximity forces them to evaluate their feelings for each other throughout their friendship. Will they pursue their love for each other or keep everything bottled up?

Soundtrack #2 premiered as a sequel to the K-drama but with a brand new storyline and main characters.

Soundtrack #1 is available on Disney+.

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