4 Kim Yoo-jung K-dramas to watch besides My Demon

Gabriela Silva
Kim Yoo-jung in Clean with Passion for Now, Backstreet Rookie, Lovers of the Red Sky, and Love in the Moonlight.

My Demon K-drama has created a dream on-screen pairing with Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung in the lead roles. With Kang as the “Son of Netflix,” Kim is known for her extensive career in K-dramas and movies.

Despite only being 24, Kim has a long list of titles under her belt having gotten her start as a child actor and model. She often played younger versions of female leads in K-dramas. In recent years Kim has dominated the acting scene with emotionally driven storylines and a number of well-received leading roles.

My Demon is her first official leading K-drama from Netflix as the character Do Do-hee. Her character is an heiress and boss of a major company. Devoted to her work, she has no time for romance until crossing paths with a demon. Possessing his powers, the two become tied at the hip and blossom into love.

Fans are already praising the actor for her impressive on-screen visuals, and comedic yet serious tone in My Demon. If you fell in love with Kim, here are some more of her well-known works.

Love in The Moonlight

In 2016, Kim Yoo-jung got one of her first major leading K-drama roles in Love in The Moonlight. The K-drama was a coming-of-age story and youth romance set during the 19th-century Joseon Dynasty. It gained popularity as it’s based on the web novel Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

Love in The Moonlight is tagged as being part of the Gender Switch genre as it involves a blossoming relationship between a eunuch and a future king. Park Bo-gum starred as Lee Yeong, a prince and heir to the throne. He’s disliked by his father believing he caused the death of his mother at birth. Many of his servants also dislike him due to his unpredictability. Soon, he begins to get close to a new eunuch.

Kim Yoo-jung starred as Hong Ra-on/Hong Sam-nom. Street smart, she was raised as a boy by her mother and disguises herself as a male relationship counselor and author. She soon has to keep up appearances when she becomes an eunuch to the prince.

Love in the Moonlight is available on Viki and Amazon Prime Video

Clean with Passion for Now

Kim Yoo-jung then starred in Clean With a Passion for Now as the female lead Gil Oh-sol. The romantic comedy K-drama is based on a webtoon of the same name. A clean freak and an untidy woman meet by fate and fall in love. Jang Seon-kyul (Yoon Kyun-sang) is good-looking and has money, but has mysophobia. He’s constantly cleaning and owns his own company.

His company has a new employee who is the exact opposite. Oh-sol is bright and bubbly but gave up being tidy when realizing how the world really is. She’s distinguishable by her tracksuit. As the two grow closer, so do their feelings for each other. With Seon-kyul face his phobias with her help?

Clean with Passion for Now is available on Netflix and Viki.

Backstreet Rookie

Backstreet Rookie is one of Kim Yoo-jung’s often remembered leading roles. She starred alongside The Worst of Evil actor Ji Chang-wook in a romantic comedy / Slice of Life storyline. The K-drama is also based on a webtoon.

Dae-hyun (Ji) and Saet-byul’s (Kim) story begins a few years prior when a high school Saet-byul tries to het Dae-hyun to buy her cigarettes. When she’s given candy, Saet-byul kisses him. Years later Dae-hyun is struggling to keep his family’s convenience store afloat and make money.

Lacking sleep and help, he takes up the offer to hire a part-time worker. Having kept her crush on Dae-hyun since their fateful encounter, she’s the only one who applies for the job. Amid their time together, Dae-hyun tries to advance his relationship with his girlfriend. Backstreet Rookie will have fans rooting for certain couples and wanting a happy ending.

Backstreet Rookie is available on Netflix.

Lovers of the Red Sky

One of Kim Yoo-Jung’s biggest claims to fame in her K-drama career is Lovers of the Red Sky. Having experience in historical drama, fans were excited to see Kim in a new leading role. The fantasy historical romance is based on a novel and stars Kim and A Time Called You actor Ahn Hyo-seop. It’s an emotional story of fated love.

Set in the Dan dynasty era, ghosts and spirits exist among humans. During a ritual to seal away an evil demon, they are successful but the demon curses the future family of the painter and main helper of the ritual. As a result, their children, Ha Ram (Ahn) and Hong Cheon-gi (Kim), are born that very moment with the latter being born blind.

Years later, there’s a heinous drought that pushes the local officials and shamans to perform a rain ritual. In the process something bizarre occurs. Cheong-gi regains her sight and Ha Ram is left blind. Now seeing the world, Cheong-gi becomes a painter and Ha Ram and an astrologer.

They soon cross paths and begin a unique and profound love story muddled with the dangerous politics of the palace and the supernatural.

Lover of the Red Sky is available on Viki.

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