Woman didn’t tip hairdresser after $350 service and the internet fully supports her

Molly Byrne
woman didn't tip hairdresserTikTok: antidietpilot

A woman explained why she didn’t tip her hairdresser after paying $350 and the internet surprisingly supported her decision.

TikToker Justice shared with her 62.5K followers why she didn’t tip her hairdresser after paying $350 for the service.

Though it is fopaux to not include between 10-20% extra, Justice refused to believe she was in the wrong.

Viewers of Justice’s viral TikTok have since reacted, fully supporting her decision to exclude a tip after her seven-hour hair appointment.

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Viewers want to “normalize” no more tipping

Though it was the first time she didn’t tip for a hair service, Justice said she was “fueled with anxiety” when it came time to pay for her small knotless French-curl braids.

Saying it took 7.5 hours to finish, Justice then began running through the cost of everything, saying that the hairdresser made $40 per hour from her appointment.

Justice went on to explain that her hairdresser didn’t have to commute and was working from home, so there was no reason to give her extra money when she was actually the one who had to commute.

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Not to mention, Justice also had to show up with her hair already washed and conditioned and she had to pay extra fees for the ATM machine to ensure she had the exact change as asked for.

Viewers of Justice’s TikTok completely agreed with her decision, commenting, “Tipping fatigue is real. Definitely needs to be scaled back, especially with the cost of things.”

And, “Yeah I’m with you I’m not tipping for hair or nails anymore. The price keeps climbing and half the time they are late.” Another viewer even said people should “normalize” not tipping.

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A hairdresser also chimed in, explaining how she sets her service price according to her means and that all she asks for is for her customers to tell their friends.

Contrary to what some may expect, Justice did say she’ll be using that same hairdresser again, as she thought it was the “best” braiding experience she’s ever had.

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