Customer removes automatic 18% tip added to their bill and people are furious

Lauren Lewis
Customer refuses to tip

On Reddit, a customer took to the platform to share that they’d removed an 18% tip from their bill, and people on the thread were furious about it. 

We’ve heard of several tipping fiascos which have gone viral. In November, a DoorDash driver helped himself to a customer’s order while sitting in his car, after they refused to leave him a tip.

Then, in December, a delivery driver charged a woman 3 times for his services, but didn’t even manage to deliver the meal, leaving her to pick the order up herself. 

Now, in a popular Reddit thread, a customer revealed that a whopping 18% tip was added automatically to their bill – and they weren’t happy about it.

“An 18% gratuity was ‘voluntarily’ yet automatically added to my bill for 2 guests. Swipe left to see the choice I made,” the post reads. 

We can then see in the next image that they’ve clearly written ‘zero’ where the tip should be. 

Reddit furious over automatic gratuity being added to bill

After the thread was posted on the platform, people were quick to weigh in on the situation, outwardly expressing their anger at the situation. 

“Seriously, can we stop this ridiculous arithmetic test you have to do at the end of every meal and just add it to the f**king prices. Y’all do anyway so just do that and be done,” one wrote angrily. 

“Like why even insult your customers’ intelligence like that? F**king sick of this whole f**king world.”

“My friend does this at his restaurant, people complain it’s too expensive, and then other people continue to tip anyways (and probably complain about it). Americans aren’t able to comprehend non-tipping restaurants,” another shared. 

One thought that there should be some kind of middle ground to the tipping experience: 

“If anything the tip should go to the kitchen in that instance since a steak is more effort to make than a burger and fries. But it doesn’t.

“Same way that I tend to tip baristas or bartenders on the pain in the ass value of my drink. If I order a black coffee or a beer, I’m going to tip less than if I ordered a cocktail or some fancy drink with syrups, espresso shots, and loads of f**king about.”

Another server came under fire in January, after they became furious at staff at the Sugar Factory after they added an automatic tip to their bill.