Hooters waitress stuns viewers after making $300 in tips during one shift

Meera Jacka
Hooters waitress stuns viewers after making 300 in tips during one shift

A Hooters waitress has gone viral on TikTok after revealing how much money she makes in tips during just a single shift.

For workers in the restaurant industry, tipping makes up a large part of many people’s wages in the United States.

TikTok’s rise in popularity has seen employees taking to the social media platform to reveal just how much they make in tips and share their tricks to inspire more generous gratuities.

The latest video to go viral comes from TikTok user Jordan Williams, who showed off her impressive earnings after a shift at Hooters, with some tips being more than 100% of the bill.

Going by ‘jordannlolll‘ on the platform, Jordan shared her tips after a six-hour shift. She said, “My first tab was $33 and he tipped me $30. My next table’s tab was $23.18, and he tipped me $40.”

While not all of Jordan’s tables tipped more than the actual bill, a majority of her customers were evidently pleased with the service they had received.

The 20-year-old waitress racked in a total of $298.66, leaving many viewers stunned; “Wow that’s [a] great way to hustle.”

Garnering more than 775,900 views, this isn’t the only time Jordan has offered TikTok users insight into her earnings, with a series of videos showing her tips from Hooters.

In a TikTok showcasing her tips from another 6-hour shift, Jordan made $244.83 despite labeling the day as “slow.” A third video showed the waitress counting a large stack of cash in front of the camera before revealing her total as $236.

Jordan isn’t the first Hooters waitress to share her tips made from working at the popular restaurant chain, with viewers continuing to prove their interest in tipping culture.

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