Bartender tipped $900 after customer takes picture of her “beautiful” pigtails

Molly Byrne
bartender gets $900 tip

A bartender was tipped $900 after a customer asked to take a picture of her hairstyle.

Bartender and TikToker Scarlett Green recently went viral for sharing how she was tipped $900 by a customer. However, the customer had one demand.

Allegedly, the customer asked Scarlett for a picture of her pigtails, as she added a text overlay to her TikTok reiterating what the customer had said to her, “Wow, that’s beautiful, let me take a picture.”

The customer only ordered five draft beers and 10 chicken wings, so the customary 20% tip would have been $6.05.

After learning about the story on TikTok, many viewers chimed in with their own tipping stories.

“There’s a girl at my job who got her braces for free bc she gave phenomenal service to a doctor and I’m happy for her cause now she’s smiles a lot,” said one viewer.

“This one time a customer tipped me $1000 at a bar and the way the owner splits the tips amongst employees, I didn’t see crumbs of it. I quit literally the next day,” said another.

Other viewers commented on how they would have reacted to receiving such a large tip. “I would literally start convulsing on the floor if this ever happened to me,” wrote one viewer.

“Manifesting this,” quipped another.

Though Scarlett’s $900 tip is likely the biggest tip she has ever received, she did not clarify if it was.

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