Who is Miss Peaches? Dave Portnoy’s dog goes viral after emotional adoption

Molly Byrne
miss peaches

Dave Portnoy’s pitbull Miss Peaches has gained over 1 million social media followers after two months of being rescued from neglect.

Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports adopted his adorable four-year-old pitbull Miss Peaches on Valentine’s Day this year.

Though Miss Peaches was rescued from neglect and hoarding, with Portnoy’s care, he soon gained her trust and affection — even if that meant his wallet and sunglasses turned into chew toys.

Not only does Portnoy dote over his beloved pup, but the internet has quickly become a fan of Miss Peaches as well. With 938k Instagram followers and 508k on TikTok, Portnoy decided to turn Miss Peaches’ fame into something transformative.

Portnoy began a Miss Peaches clothing line where he sells tee shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. Since launching the online site, Portnoy has made $500,000, all of which he donated to various animal shelters.

While on Fox & Friends, Portnoy told the outlet that Miss Peaches is not only the “sweetest thing ever,” but also an “angel.”

Portnoy also told FOX Business that the mayor of Miami plans to turn May 20 into ‘Miss Peaches Day.’ “She’s going to get the bone to the city of Miami. So that’s very exciting,” Portnoy said.

He even expressed how the LifeLine Animal Project rescue, Miss Peaches, was “more famous and popular” than he is, and “rightfully so.”

Though Miss Peaches was rescued from a bad situation, her IG bio assures her followers that she’s now living in a “penthouse” instead of an “outhouse.”

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