What is a ‘thought daughter’? New TikTok term explained

Kawter Abed
Thought daughter trend on TikTok

The new term ‘thought daughter’ is blowing up on TikTok, and it’s turned into a viral trend. But what exactly does it mean?

TikTok, a platform known for its viral content and trend-setting capabilities, has become a hotbed for the creation and evolution of new slang terms and acronyms.

One of the latest terms to take off on the app is ‘thought daughter,’ which is a play on words that originated from an offensive trend. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What does ‘thought daughter’ mean on TikTok?

A ‘thought daughter’ is a woman or girl who overthinks everything. This description could apply broadly across genders, but the term specifically came from a previous trend.

In 2021, a trend went viral on TikTok, as it posed a controversial question: would people prefer “a thot daughter or a gay son?” This question sparked heavy backlash, as it not only propagated derogatory labels and stereotypes, but also framed both hypotheticals as undesirable choices.

The term “thot” is an acronym for “that h*e over there,” which is a misogynistic slang term used to label women as promiscuous in a derogatory manner. In contrast, equating having a gay son with a burden further made the trend problematic.

‘Thought daughter’ trend goes viral on TikTok

Amid backlash, women on TikTok introduced the concept of a “thought daughter” in 2024. This new term specifically counters the sexist undertones of the earlier meme.

Many are joking that although their parents might have intended to choose a “thot daughter,” they ended up with a “thought daughter” instead. This term cleverly plays on the phonetic similarity between “thot” and “thought,” turning a derogatory label into a light-hearted, self-deprecating joke.

TikToker avallol369 wrote over her video: “When my parents chose thought daughter and now I overanalyze everyone’s behavior which constantly sends me into a crisis.”

Content creator ana_garc35 titled her clip: “When my parents got confused and chose thought daughter and now they wonder what I think about when I stare into absolutely nothing and tears fills my eyes.”

Thousands of people have been getting involved in this new trend, with their videos racking up millions of views across the platform.

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