Shopper calls out Goodwill for selling used items at higher prices

Kawter Abed
Shopper calls out Goodwill for selling used items at higher prices

A thrift shopper has gone viral on TikTok, after calling out Goodwill for selling random second hand items at an upcharge.

TikToker Brian (brianrichardsmithhas) recently posted a tour of his local Goodwill, where he jokingly referred to it as a “luxury store” with “high-end products.” He highlighted a series of the over-priced and bizarre items at the thrift store.

The first item’s a $1.99 bottle of Aqua Velva aftershave. Although it’s less than halfway full, Brian joked about hosting a “shaving party” with his friends. He then showed a cleansing wipes container, barely secured with a rubber band. Inside it were a collection of cables.

Next, he filmed two personalized wedding wine glasses. “Here’s the glass from Alyssa and Kevin’s 2015 wedding. And here’s the glass from John and Megan’s 2016 wedding,” he said, humorously adding, “You rarely find these together in the same store.”

Another item that caught Brian’s attention was a T-shirt covered in Sharpie scribbles bearing the message, “HappyJedi Carly 03 the Force is strong with us.” He said, “It’s $7.99, which might seem a bit high, but the graphics were hand-drawn by the artist.”

Other random items included a previously used body butter container, a pouch filled with maxi pads, a $3 drink coaster adorned with a picture of someone’s dog, and an expensive pack of crayons.

“I found more treasures at the Goodwill boutique this week. Too bad I couldn’t afford them,” Brian captioned the clip. In the comments, TikTok users were shocked at the unusual items and their prices.

“It’s absurd what thrift stores are doing,” one person wrote. “I cannot believe what they put out for sale and the audacity of the pricing,” another said. “Prefilled maxi pad holder, what a luxury!” a third joked.

Earlier this week, a couple went viral after revealing that they had found an empty KFC container for sale at their local Goodwill.

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