Mom shocked after hairstylist refuses to let her in for daughter’s hair appointment

Meera Jacka
Mom shocked after hairstylist refuses to let her in for daughter's hair appointment

A mom has been left stunned after being refused entry to her young daughter’s hairdressing appointment by the stylist.

When it comes to ensuring the best for your children, most parents wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving their kids with a complete stranger.

Due to this, one mom was left scratching her head after booking her daughter in to get braids, only to find out at the last minute that she would not be allowed to attend the appointment.

China Anntrice took to TikTok to share the situation and ask viewers for their honest opinions, leaving many split on whether or not the hairstylist was in the right.

“I follow this girl on [Instagram]… she braids kid’s hair, adult hair — she braids everybody’s hair, right?” China began. “I noticed that she braids really well.”

Careful when it comes to choosing who she lets braid her daughter’s hair, China decided to book with the stylist and make a deposit. However, when the stylist left multiple reminders that “no guests” would be permitted at the appointment, China didn’t realize that included her as a parent.

Arriving early on the booked day, China received a text informing her that she could walk her daughter to the stylist’s house but would not be allowed to come in.

China said, “I can’t come in? First of all, I don’t know you from a man on the moon, I don’t know you. Secondly, she’s seven years old — seven!”

While a more recent TikTok shows China has since found a hairstylist for her daughter that allows her at the appointment, viewers were torn over the debacle.

“Nah I would NEVER leave my daughter alone with a stranger. Ever,” one wrote in agreeance to China’s discomfort. Another said, “Nope, I absolutely understand no “extra” guests but I’m a parent, not an extra guest.”

Some hairstylists in the comments, however, revealed why this rule may have been in place; “As a kid braider, I know kids act worse when the parent is there. So I get her [point of view]. Parents don’t have to leave but leave out of the kid’s view.”

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