Woman goes viral after finding $6,000 Galia Lahav wedding dress for $25

Viral TikTok Wedding DressUnsplash.com: Olivia Bauso

TikTok fans went wild after a woman posted a video that showed her finding a dress worth over $6k for a fraction of its original price, as it only cost her $25.

Brides can search for days and weeks to find the perfect wedding dress. It is a universal struggle for brides to find the right wedding dress at the right price.

So much so that dress-shopping Reality TV shows have become mega-popular, like “Say Yes to the Dress,” where brides have spent over $20,000 on their dresses.

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But one lucky TikToker bought her wedding dress for $25, and its original price was over $6,000.

How TikToker found her bargain Wedding Dress

TikTok user Emmalifaith revealed to viewers how she bought the dress in the video that now has half a million views.

“I found my wedding dress at Goodwill for $25. […] It fits me like a glove. It is gorgeous. I found it online, and the price is like $6,200. […] Paris Hilton, her most recent wedding dress, was this brand.”

She then gave a twirl and held up the dress’s fabric to give viewers a close-up of the designer material.

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TikTok’s shocked reaction to the find

Fashion fans couldn’t believe that a Galia Lahav dress had ended up at Goodwill. The brand was founded in 1984 and is famous for it’s designer, luxury wedding dresses.

“You found a Galia Lahav at GOODWILL??? You are the chosen one omg.”

Others couldn’t fathom that the dress was being sold for $25 at a Goodwill, comparing the price to items at their local Goodwill.

“The goodwill near my house would charge $6,300,” commented one. “My goodwill tries to charge me $25 for a sock,” added another.

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But this insane viral wedding dress bargain might not be the craziest thing to surface on TikTok. One TikTok has been going viral as someone covered their entire kitchen in Nutella – which their parents were unhappy about.

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