Harpist goes viral for calm reaction to furious passer-by threatening her

Kawter Abed
Harpist goes viral with calm response to angry passer-by

A harpist has gone viral on TikTok after filming her calm response to an infuriated passer-by threatening to report her and accusing her of illegally begging.

In a viral video with over 11 million views, TikToker Robyn robyn.hearts.harp was seen playing Careless Whisper by George Michael on the harp, when the woman approached her on the high street in London.

“I’m going to report you to [Harrow] council,” the passer-by told Robyn, to which the content creator replied, “Alright.” The woman then asked if she had permission to play on the street, which the harpist confidently confirmed she did.

“What even to ask people – I’ve never seen a beggar or anybody begging asking people to put it on their card,” the passer-by continued. “I’m not begging,” Robyn calmly responded with a smile, saying she was “playing for free technically.”

“Why you getting the money then?” the passer-by then asked. “Because people wanna give money,” Robyn replied, still playing the harp. “I’m not asking for it.”

The confrontational woman hit back: “You have to give tip for £2, that is begging, don’t you know the difference? I’ll ask Harrow Council if you’ve got permission and then they can arrest you!”

After confirming twice that she did indeed have permission to play, all the harpist could do in response was laugh, which prompted the furious woman to finally leave.

TikTok users took to the comments to applaud Robyn for how she handled the situation. “Never seen someone more chilled during confrontation,” one person wrote. “Manifesting to be at this level of unbothered,” another added.

“She’s jealous cause you’re young and beautiful and talented you stayed so calm. Well done,” a third said. “Ok the talent to play the harp, listen to someone bicker and politely respond is unmatched!” someone else shared.