TikToker goes viral by “changing” frogs life with its own custom house

Unknowndazza's viral frog houseTikTok: @unknowndazza

A TikToker by the name of Unknowndazza has gone viral after uploading a video compiling the journey he went on to build a wild frog a house with a pool and other extras.

3D printing is a trend that took off around 2013, and interest in it has been growing and growing to this day, according to Google data.

Dazza, or “Unknowndazza” on TikTok, has used the wonders of 3D printing in quite a unique way in his videos.

For the past 5 months, Dazza has been 3D printing different versions of a plastic house for a wild frog that ‘moved in’ to his fence and started living there.

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In his most recent video uploaded on February 27, Dazza recapped all the steps he took to construct a house with a pool for the frog the people of TikTok named “Frodrick”. This TikTok went viral and earned the creator over 29 million views at the time of writing.

TikToker goes viral by 3D printing a house for his frog

The video begins by showing Dazza printing a simple plastic house for the frog, before going on a journey of adding extensions based on the suggestions from the various comments before it evolves to have a light to attract bugs, a pool, patio, and a cave to hide from predators.

The end product is seriously impressive and spans a huge portion of the fence it was installed on.

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With nearly thirty million views in just a day, viewers flooded the comments section with admiration for the hard work Dazza put into making the frog house.

One user replied: “Bro casually just changed the life of a frog.”

“You build an entire ecosystem for them,” another user said. A similar response can be found further in the comment section: “I love all the effort you have put into this.”

A fourth viewer humorously stated: “this is why I’m not allowed a 3d printer lol.”

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