Man goes viral with “rigged” house hacks including door made of drywall

Dylan Horetski
TikToker Tywon0927

A man on TikTok has gone viral with a series of videos showing “rigged” house hacks that include a door made of drywall and window blinds as a shower curtain.

With over a billion users on TikTok, the app has become the home for a variety of content including how to save money and various “hacks” you can do around the house.

However, not all of them are the highest of quality.

TikToker Tywon0927 has gone viral on the app after uploading a series of videos showing “rigged” house hacks that he claims are in a woman’s house.

TikToker goes viral with “rigged” house hacks

In a series of videos, Tywon showed various installations around what he claims to be a woman’s house, with the most viral video showing a door made of drywall outfitted with a security lock.

“This is a drywall bathroom door,” Tywon said as he shows the door, Mcdonald’s napkins on the counter, and window blinds as the shower curtain.

In a second video, Tywon went downstairs to show a kid’s racecar bed lifted up onto 22-inch rims.

“Look at this sh*t. Her sons sitting on rims. 22’s on a f*ckin car bed,” he said.

In another video, he said: “The longer I stayed, it got more interesting.”

Seconds later, he panned the camera to the ceiling to show a box fan mounted in place of the ceiling fan.

Just when he thought he had found everything that’s been “rigged,” he realized that one of her drawers was replaced with a plastic tote.

Viewers flooded the comments with their take on the viral videos, with thousands of replies across the video series.

“I feel like she’s low-key genius,” one user said.

Another commented: “This person needs to be a set designer or something.”

Others, however, think that the house is actually Tywon’s. “Nah, you too comfortable. This is your house,” one user said.

Whether or not the house belongs to a woman or it’s actually Tywons, it’s clear that many still appreciate the wild “hacks” around the house.

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