Bride shocks groom at wedding reception with cheeky Polaroid gift 

Molly Byrne
bride shocks groom with wedding gift

TikTokers are calling this bride’s cheeky wedding gift for the groom during their reception a “genius” idea.

TikToker and bride Baylee Hilton went viral for sharing what viewers have labeled a “genius” gift that she gave her husband during their wedding reception.

In the TikTok, she and her husband chatted during dinner. She then had one of her bridesmaids approach her husband and hand him a Polaroid photo.

But it wasn’t just any Polaroid – it was a boudoir picture Baylee had taken before her wedding as a gift for her beloved.

“Watch my husband get spicy Polaroids of me during our reception,” she wrote on her viral TikTok, which has gained over 16M views.

Throughout the entire reception, she had her bridesmaids hand him different Polaroids.

Each time he was given a photo, he looked shocked. At first, he exclaimed, “What!?” while Baylee giggled beside him.

He also reacted by looking around, seemingly hoping that nobody had seen the explicit photo of his wife. However, he did make sure to give the pictures a second look.

Viewers of the viral TikTok have since reacted by calling the bridesmaids “smooth” with their approach.

They also agreed that his reactions were priceless, saying her husband looked like he was “fighting for his life” with every glimpse.

Some viewers added that they wished they had incorporated Baylee’s unique idea into their weddings, as they thought it was the “cutest trend.”

Baylee isn’t the only summer wedding to have gone viral on TikTok. In June, a TikTok bride exposed her venue for “catfishing” her.

Though she thought the botanical garden would be available to take photos in front of, the venue put netting around the plants and refused to remove them – resulting in a very unhappy bride.