Woman goes viral stunning husband with flowers gift as viewers adore it

Christy Mathew
Woman stood behind door with flowers with tiktok logo

A TikTok is going viral where a woman is buying herself flowers and acting as if her husband bought them for her.

A video posted by TikToker Brittany Johnson (@brittthebubblybarista) has gone viral with over 26 million views as she decided to turn the tables on her husband, waiting for him behind the front door with some flowers.

When her husband attempted to walk in, she pushed the flowers onto his hands and shoved him back outside. He looked confused and walked back in holding the flowers and she acted as if he brought them.

Brittany said in a surprised tone, “Oh my gosh, thank you!” as she hugged him while the caption read, “When you want flowers from your husband.”

The video went viral as several users started re-creating the same video and ultimately wanted to see more.

Brittany ultimately responded with a second angle from their doorbell camera, showing her husband’s stunned reaction. This has received close to 3 million views as well.

Some social media users loved the idea and thought the TikToker’s husband’s reaction was hilarious as one joked that it inspired them to do the same.

“So that’s what I should do but with an engagement ring,” joked one viewer. “You gotta do what you gotta do till they get the message,” added another.

Meanwhile, many men responded by saying if this situation happened to them, they would assume their partners bought flowers for them.

“If that was me I would’ve thought she got them for me and I would’ve said thank you,” commented another.

Brittany responded to one of the comments under her viral TikTok as she shared that her husband is a good sport and that she “couldn’t have asked for a better man.” 

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