Amazon delivery driver goes viral after falling into customer’s septic pit

tiktoker falls into septic tank while delivering amazon packagesTikTok: dovahkiin0103

An Amazon delivery driver has gone viral on TikTok after falling into a customer’s septic pit while dropping off a package at the house.

Over the last few years, Amazon has continued to gain popularity across the US — even going as far as starting its own delivery service.

Many delivery drivers for Amazon have also taken to TikTok to share what goes on in their daily life, whether it’s delivering packages in a hailstorm or getting sent home for using the restroom.

TikToker Dovahkiin0103 is the latest delivery driver to go viral on the app, this time because he fell inside a customer’s septic tank.

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Amazon driver falls into customer’s sewage pit

On January 11, 2023, Dovahkiin posted a video from inside the septic pit, explaining that the ground came out from underneath him causing him to fall in.

The TikToker attempted to climb out but doing so just loosened the dirt which increases the risk of the hole falling in and trapping him inside.

“I just called dispatch, hopefully, they’re going to get the cops or the fire department here because I definitely don’t wanna climb out on my own again,” he said.

In a second video, he revealed that the fire department was on its way to help him get out of the hole.

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He said: “I really do not wanna die in somebody’s [septic tank]. Hopefully, they don’t make me finish my route, but you never know.”

In his third update, however, he revealed that he offered to finish his route after going home to take a shower and change his clothes. Amazon did make it a little bit easier, though, by having someone help him with the 100 stops he had left.

As the videos went viral (all three have over a million views), viewers were quick to share their thoughts about the situation in the comments and many of them think he should file a lawsuit.

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“Hello, friend. Please immediately contact a lawyer, you may never have to work again. Please pal, take care of yourself that was too scary!,” one TikToker replied.

Another viewer said: “You should get blood work done to make sure you didn’t contract hepatitis or so other waste-borne illnesses.”

While others are slamming Amazon for even giving him the option to finish his route: “Amazon you should not have asked this from him. His supervisor and the supervisor above him should’ve come in to finish the route. Very uncalled for.”