Airbnb host confirms “genius” travel hack to save hundreds of dollars booking rooms

Molly Byrne
traveler shares Airbnb hack

An avid traveler revealed a “genius” traveling hack that will help save people hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on rented rooms.

Traveler and TikToker Anna said she’s “done gatekeeping” a travel hack that has saved her thousands of dollars throughout the years.

Emphasizing how it felt “illegal to know,” Anna revealed that she saves the contact information of every single Airbnb host she has ever used.

When it’s time for her to travel again, she gets in touch with an Airbnb host close to that location, saying that they usually have multiple properties that they are willing to rent.

The traveler mentioned that, although the properties might not be listed online, the hosts would rather rent to someone they know was a good tenant in the past.

She also said that they typically offer the rental property for only 70% of what it would usually go for. And, if it’s last minute or off-season, some hosts will even give her a room for 50% of the price, especially if paid in cash.

Anna even searches for Airbnb hosts she’s used in the past for her friends, saying that she should probably have her own rental agency at this point.

To keep track of all of her contacts, Anna uses a Rolodex, which is a portable rotating card file that holds index cards that can be written in alphabetical order for even more organization.

Viewers of Anna’s viral travel hack reacted by agreeing it was a “genius” idea.

An Airbnb host even confirmed that her hack was legit, “I’m an Airbnb host and she is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT,” they wrote. 

Another Airbnb host added in the comments that, if someone wants to book with a host that they’ve never used, they can DM them in the Airbnb app and usually get at least 15% off if they book offline.

And though many renters have their own ways of leaving or cleaning the room, one TikToker went viral in April for slamming those who make the beds before they check out.

They said that it made no sense to do this because nobody wants to get into someone else’s bedsheets before they get washed.

However, avid traveler Anna might not be in the category of people who leave their rooms in the ‘wrong condition,’ as she continues to save thousands with her travel hack.

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