A dog-friendly airline is going viral as influencer travels with her pet

Meera Jacka
Brooklyn and Melanie trying BarkAir

A TikToker has gone viral after sharing her experience trying BarkAir with her four-legged friend, showing a new option for dog-friendly travel.

Melanie Demi, a self-described “dog mom of four” and travel creator who goes by ‘herboozytails‘ on TikTok, frequently shares her dog-friendly adventures online.

With her most popular pinned videos showcasing her experiences taking dogs on flights, Melanie was recently offered the opportunity to try BarkAir — “a 100% totally real airline for dogs.”

BarkAir aims to deliver a “white paw experience” where the entire flight is designed around catering to dog needs first and foremost.

Melanie filmed the entire experience, sharing how she and her doggy pal Brooklyn were picked up in a car and brought to BarkAir’s private terminal.

After meeting the captain and obtaining a passport for Brooklyn, the pair were able to make their way to the plane hassle-free due to the flight being a private charter. The dogs were then encouraged to go to the toilet before being seated.

BarkAir’s CEO Matt Meeker addressed the flight before every passenger was given a menu and earmuffs for their dogs; “They had tons of amenities for the dogs. Brooklyn got doggy champagne and a ton of treats.”

Melanie also explained that each flight “will be different” depending on whether the flying dogs are “friendly, well-behaved, and under voice control.” If so, the four-legged passengers are free to roam about.

However, with only 10 seats available on the plane and being a luxury experience, Melanie revealed a ticket from New York to London cost $8,000; “Obviously this is not an option for many, or frankly most, pet parents, but their goal is to change that.”

While Melanie’s video quickly went viral and garnered over one million views, TikTok users were left stunned by the hefty price tag. One person joked, “And now my dogs are asking if we are poor…”

“I love the idea but it’s a shame [it] is this expensive. How does this solve a big problem [for] regular people?” another wrote.

According to Melanie though, the company is looking to make their flights more affordable in the future. BarkAir aims to expand and connect more cities soon while “working hard to create more safe [and] accessible options for dog-friendly travel.”

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