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Overwatch Player xQc Rage Smashes His Keyboard While Streaming

Published: 27/Jun/2018 17:25 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 15:33

by DG Goldstein


Felix “xQc” Lengyel, the former Dallas Fuel star who was kicked out of the OWL, added another moment to his controversial highlight reel by punching his keyboard in frustration during his stream.

xQc is not known for his self-control while streaming, earning a suspension and fine from Dallas Fuel back in January for insensitive comments towards the first openly LGBT player in the Overwatch League – Houston Outlaws pro Austin “Muma” Wilmot.


He then was kicked off the Fuel completely after using racially disparaging emotes in the comment section of the official Overwatch League stream. Fortunately for xQc, the only victims of his stream antics last night were his fist and his keyboard as he raged punch his equipment following an Overwatch loss.

Playing as Reinhardt and having a full charge on his Earthshatter Ultimate, xQc made his way to the objective as the enemy was about to capture.


His teammates were contesting the objective to allow xQc to change the match with his Ultimate ability, but the enemy team prevented him from reaching the point with a well-timed Ice Wall from a Mei player. xQc was locked behind the Ice Wall, unable to use his Ultimate and was forced to watch his teammates fall in the kill feed to lose the match.

The frustration was too much for Felix “xQc” Lengyel and he unloaded two punches into his keyboard, causing a rather hilarious sound to ring out from his microphone stand. He then slumps back into his chair and claims “I can’t do no more.”

We do not know if he stopped playing due to frustration, or maybe a sore hand. Check out the clip below.



David Dobrik stunned after raising $4m for disposable camera app

Published: 8/Oct/2020 15:33

by Alice Hearing


David Dobrik and his assistant Natalie Mariduena were left in utter shock after their couch idea for an app raised $4 million in investment.

The internet star announced on Wednesday that his photography app Dispo, or David’s Disposable, is being invested in by Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian.


David is a social media giant with an enormous subscriber base of 26 million on his main and second channel combined, and over 22 million followers on TikTok.

Natalie celebrated the news on Instagram with a picture of her and David holding a real disposable camera, with the caption, “still can’t believe this couch idea just raised four million dollars hahaha so ridiculous, but so exciting!!”

Natalie Mariduena David Dobrik Disposable
Instagram: David's Disposable
David has his own Instagram account dedicated to disposable pictures

David also expressed his disbelief, adding on his own Instagram: “We just raised 4 million dollars for Davids Disposable!!!!! Hahahahaha WHAT!!”

The app itself is designed to mimic what is like to use a real disposable camera. You take the pictures and you can’t see them until the next day at 9am. The idea came to David and Natalie after they realized just how much they loved the surprise of finding out what the pictures looked like after they were developed.


According to the Wall Street Journal, the latest investment will be used to add new features to the app, including allowing users to pool their images all in one place.

David himself has made no effort to hide his obsession with disposable cameras. He has his own alt instagram account, which has amassed 3.4 million followers, called “David’s Disposable” dedicated entirely to pictures taken with these cameras. He has even inspired other influencers including Tana Mongeau and Addison Rae to do the same.


The popular vlogger’s business plans are currently booming. He recently released a new advert with model Charlotte D’Alessio for his new perfume “David’s Perfume”, after which he had to shut down rumors that the pair were dating.

David may have potential plans to start a pizza empire too after trademarks for the phrase ‘Doughbrik’s’ were uncovered by a TikToker.

On the other hand, his YouTube channel has taken a backseat in recent months; he hasn’t posted any videos since April. Perhaps this is why.