Harada hints that “black belt holder” Gordon Ramsay could come to Tekken 8

Carver Fisher
Gordon Ramsay Harada Tekken 8

Harada, game director and driving force behind the iconic Tekken series, was trending on Twitter after recounting an experience at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. Follow-up tweets have led fans to believe that Gordon being a guest fighter isn’t off the table.

Tekken 7 was a renaissance for the iconic fighting game series, one that pushed it to new heights. And, though Street Fighter 6 has since been released, there are still those who are dedicated to the game and anxiously awaiting its eighth entry.

Tekken 8‘s roster is bringing back series classics like Raven while shining a spotlight on newer fighters like Leroy and Azucena, the latter of which is a completely new addition to the series. However, fans of the franchise are still pining for a new guest fighter.

Harada recounted his experience at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, spurring fans to ask Harada for Gordon Ramsay to be included. If his replies are anything to go off of, this isn’t exactly off the table.

jin in tekken 8

Tekken 8 fans want Gordon Ramsay in the game

The Tekken series is no stranger to some bizarre fighters, and Tekken 7 took that history a step further by throwing guest fighters into the mix. Noctis, Akuma, and Geese Howard feel like a natural fit for a fighting game, sure, but including Negan from the Walking Dead series was a shock to the community.

It showed that there are truly no limits to what can be added to the Tekken series, and that the franchise isn’t afraid to pull in fighters outside of the realm of video games.

However, what started as a joke from a Tekken fan speaking to Harada ended up leading fans to believing that a playable Gordon Ramsay fighter isn’t off the table.

Harada replied to what appears to be a joke tweet with a genuine story about a fan interaction. “I eat at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. Of course I have never met him…..but I recall being puzzled when a waiter from a totally unrelated bar across the street brought me 10 tequila shots.” This led to wait staff asking who Harada was, resulting in a “complicated” situation.

Story aside, this tweet sparked fans’ curiosity as to whether or not Gordon could be coming to the series. Harada would only go on to further acknowledge Gordon in some follow up tweets.

The legendary game director entertained the conversation, saying that Gordon’s a “black belt holder” in Karate and that him fighting other characters from the series would be a good idea.

This story caught on so quickly that Harada was trending on Twitter, showing that some fans would seriously be down for a Gordon cameo. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but his inclusion isn’t exactly off the table. It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing to happen in the Tekken series.

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