Threads sees drastic 51% decline in daily users as Twitter rival struggles to keep early momentum

Jeremy Gan
Threads logo on background

Threads has reportedly seen a drastic decline in daily users by a whopping 51% as the new app struggles to keep its early momentum. 

When Threads was introduced to the world in early July as Meta’s official rival to Twitter, it rapidly set new records as the fastest-growing social media app of all time. It skyrocketed to 100 million users in its first week

However, now weeks removed from the initial hype of a new social media platform, reports have shown that the app is already struggling to retain its users as its daily engagement plummets. 

According to a report by SimilarWeb, Threads has seen a massive decline from 49 million daily active users on July 7 to 23.6 million by July 14. Similarly, its overall user engagement peaked at 21 minutes per user on average during its peak, to now just six minutes per average user.

Threads sees a drastic decrease in engagement
SimilarWeb reports a drastic decrease in Active Users since Threads’ initial rush

However, SimilarWeb explicitly states that the data was only taken from Android users, thus, it’s worth taking the data with a heaping serve of salt. After all, those on iOS devices are sure to make up a hefty chunk of the overall Threads community.

Though other marketing intelligence firms like Sensor Tower have also reported similar declines in daily users and engagement time on the app. 

In an interview with CNBC, Sensor Tower managing director Anthony Bartolacci said their study saw daily active users down 20% and time spent for users down 50% from 20 minutes to 10 minutes per user. 

Despite the drastic decline, Instagram Executive Adam Mosseri said in a recent Threads post that the company was not too focused on engagement.

“Our focus now is not engagement, which has been amazing, but getting past the initial peak and through we see with every new product, and building new features, dialing in performance, and improving ranking.”