Steam Deck competitor AOKZOE reveals two brand-new handhelds: A1 Pro & A2

Joel Loynds
AOKZOE A2 and A1 Pro

With a surging handheld industry in the wake of the Steam Deck, AOKZOE has announced the follow-ups to its last console.

AOKZOE’s A1 handheld was launched in 2022, offering decent power and performance thanks to its combination of specs. The company is back via Indiegogo to launch the A1 Pro and the proper follow-up, the A2. The industry is heating up with the arrival of the ROG Ally, as well as heated competition from the likes of Ayaneo.

Both handhelds will sport similar specs, with an AMD Ryzen 7840U APU onboard each device. With this chip onboard, you should see performance measured pretty closely to the last generation Intel desktop CPU, the i7-12700H. Leaked benchmarks from the ROG Ally, which might use an APU similar to the 7840U could also shed some light on how well the device might perform ingame.

A1 Pro and A2 handhelds see massive power boost


For perspective, some benchmarks have games like Valorant at 1080p, low settings clocking in around 100-150FPS. Other games, like GTAV, also run above 100FPS with these settings.

In theory, with the small 7-inch screen masking a lot of the fidelity lost at lower settings, you could easily see big AAA titles like The Witcher 3 running at medium and at a steady framerate.

While trying to guestimate the performance from prior benchmark tests, each AOKZOE device will be running the RDNA 3 architecture, which should give a much-needed boost to the overall performance of games and graphics apps on the hardware.

However, it seems as though the A1 Pro is more of a refitting of the APU, rather than any real upgrades. AOKZOE will be bringing GaN fast charging to the pair, while the A2 will see a true upgrade.

The triggers will now feature Hall Effect sensors, but the sticks will be kept with ALPS tech. The entire outer shell is also being changed to a more ergonomic design, and the screen shrank down to 7 inches in favor of a presumably better IPS panel.

AOKZOE A1 Pro & A2 specs

SpecsA1 ProA2
CPU/APUAMD Ryzen 7 7840UAMD Ryzen 7 7840U
ArchitectureZen 4/RDNA 3Zen 4/RDNA 3
StorageSD Card slot
SD Card slot
Display8-inch Full HD IPS 1920×12007″ IPS display
USB/Wired connectivity2 x USB 4.0 + 1 x USB 3.0USB-C 4.0
USB-C 3.2
USB-A 3.2
Wireless connectivityWi-Fi 6/Bluetooth 5Wi-Fi 6/Bluetooth 5
Battery65Wh (17100mA)48Wh
OSWindows 11Windows 11

AOKZOE originally launched the A1 in 2022, near enough the same time that other competitors were launching their own devices. This included Ayaneo and Valve, as well as OneXPlayer.

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