Starfield gets huge performance boost for Nvidia DLSS 3 users

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Starfield DLSSStarfield/NVIDIA

Bethesda recently pushed a Beta update for Starfield which introduced support for Nvidia DLSS, and some users are already seeing big performance gains

The Beta update for Starfield launched just recently, and those who have opted into the Beta branch who also have compatible Nvidia graphics cards have been able to enjoy the benefits of DLSS Super Resolution, Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA) and DLSS Frame Generation.

Only users who have Nvidia’s 40-Series of graphics cards can utilize DLSS Frame Generation, but according to a video created by YouTuber Compusemble, even those on older cards will see a considerable benefit with the new Beta update.

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Big leap in framerates with DLSS – and without for Starfield

The video shows several versions of the game running side-by-side along with a panel displaying current performance, including Framerates and Frame Times. From left to right it shows the Latest stable version, the beta version without DLSS, the Beta version with DLSS, and the Beta version with both DLSS and Frame Generation. The YouTuber stated that they were running the game at 4K resolution on max settings for the test.

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An analysis of the video shows that the Beta versions show performance improvements even before engaging DLSS, with framerates jumping from around 80fps on the current stable version to somewhere around 87 to 90fps on the beta version. Frametime hovered between 11-12ms on both without DLSS, however.

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The difference is even more profound when using DLSS, with framerates upwards of 110fps with DLSS and no frame generation, and getting as high as 150fps with Frame Generation enabled. Frametimes see a big improvement as well, at around 8ms without FG, down to 6ms with FG.

Bethesda has yet to officially address user complaints about performance in Starfield, outside of Todd Howard’s PC remark. At least players with Nvidia cars have the means to address some of their woes.

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