New Xbox controller leak looks fantastic but might miss key feature

New Xbox controller silhouetteMicrosoft

Microsoft’s new Xbox controller has leaked, and it sports everything from seamless pairing to a swappable battery. But, we think that one key feature might be missing.

Microsoft has suffered from an extensive data leak during the Microsoft vs. FTC proceedings. A court document seemingly accidentally attached an unredacted document that details their future plans. This includes upcoming game launches, console refreshes, and their next-gen Xbox.

However, one element that has been leaked that has seemingly been overlooked is a brand-new Xbox controller. The device is poised to launch alongside the new Xbox Series X and S, and sports a number of upgrades. Firstly, the device will use less resin and will be easier to repair. Secondly, the controller will also have Bluetooth 5.2 support and a seamless pairing function, with a new mobile app.

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The controller will also come with interesting quality-of-life features such as “Lift to wake”, like many smartphones, sporting familiar ergonomics.

Revamped haptics on new Xbox controller

xbox series x controller shortage

Microsoft claims that the new Xbox controller will sport “Precision haptic feedback”, with the haptics also doubling as a speaker. We hope that this implementation is on the same level as the Nintendo Switch, or even the PlayStation 5’s Dualsense.

The company further goes on to claim that the thumbstick and buttons are all quieter while retaining the exact same actuation forces as the familiar Xbox Series controller.

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However, despite all of these new additions, the controller might also be missing one crucial feature that we hoped to have seen on a next-gen controller.

New Xbox controller might miss out on hall-sensors

Microsoft described the Sebile controller as having “new modular thumbsticks” which have improved longevity. However, despite improved longevity or a modular stick for easy repairability, the company might miss out on a crucial controller innovation.

While it’s not specifically stated, there is no mention of the new sticks using hall sensors, which rely on a magnetic force to report the position of a joystick. This is magnitudes better compared to a resistive stick, which degrades over time. Once the film on the thumbstick degrades, you might experience stick drift. It’s one of the biggest issues with “Pro” controllers right now. However, some companies have been hard at work implementing the tech in order really deliver on promises of longevity.

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It still remains to be seen if Sebile will include hall-sensing sticks, but until then, we suggest that you don’t hold your breath. Maybe we will see them in a new Xbox Elite controller? Until then, we’ve got to wait for Microsoft to actually announce the thing first.

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