Sony patents new controller design that changes temperature while playing

PS5 controller with a thermometer

A new patent has revealed that Sony is potentially planning to up the immersion with the PlayStation by creating a controller that changes temperature.

Sony has filed a new patent for a new controller that can alter its temperature depending on what’s happening in the game. The patent, which was published on March 30, has only just begun to surface.

It details the various functions that Sony could plan to bring to their controllers in the future. This doesn’t just stop at temperature detection. Sony’s patent also details that the controller will feature a sensor that will be able to detect pressure, strain, as well as acceleration.

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Sony patent shows new features for the DualSense

Sony patents for controllers

All this will be encased in a controller that will use a “macromolecular gel material”. This material will be also backed up by an elastic one, that can be interacted with by the user. Presumably, this is how Sony would be able to alter the internal temperatures and squeezes of the material for pressure.

The diagrams show that the ends of the controller where the palms grip would be where this kind of sensor would be placed.

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Sony’s patent also details that the controller would be able to be squashed, pinched, and more.

As with most modern electronics, Sony does make mention of AI within the patent. The implementation of AI would be to change the shape of aspects of the sensor or internals, to better reflect the user’s interaction with the controller.

Sony’s DualSense controller currently features haptic feedback in the vibration and the triggers will alter their strength depending on the situation in the game. In games like Call of Duty, this can entail a stronger press needed when aiming down the sights of a larger gun.

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It’s assumed that the DualSense branding would play a huge part of this controller ever came to fruition. A majority of gaming patents that get filed are simply to protect developments inside the company and have no real intention of bringing them to the general markets.

The DualSense Edge, a controller aimed at high-end gaming enthusiasts was met with a middling response in our review, due to the shrinking of the battery and high price.

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