Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 drops to lowest-ever price in Amazon deal

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

If you are looking for a good smartwatch and fitness tracker, then this offer on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is hard to beat, with 24% off the MSRP.

When it comes to smartwatches and fitness trackers, it’s a good idea to get something from a reputable brand that can take what you can throw at it, as well as provide essential functions for health and fitness tracking and productivity. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is one of Samsung’s higher-end models which usually sells for a premium price, but you can now get it for a hefty discount at Amazon.

The Galaxy Watch 6 is packed with features for health and fitness, such as trackers for duration, distance, and calories burned during exercise, and can recognize over 90 different types of exercise, including the standard ones such as walking, running, and swimming.

Health and productivity for a discount

To keep track of your health in a more general sense, the Galaxy Watch 6 has a ‘Sleep Coaching’ function that can help users plan the best time to head to bed, track sleep stages, and even detect when you are snoring. The Galaxy Watch 6 keeps an eye on your heart rate and can warn you if an irregular heart rate is detected, which can prove life-saving if it detects a serious health problem early.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Of course, being a smartwatch and not just a fitness tracker, the Galaxy Watch 6 can do things like let you read your messages and other alerts, control your Android smartphone camera, and let you play your favorite music.

There is a range of different colors and styles of bands available, and users can take customization even further by choosing a personalized watch face to suit their mood and occasion.

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