RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 4070: Which one should you buy?

RTX 4060 engraving on GPUDexerto

The Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 8GB has finally landed, but is it worth dropping the extra $200 on the more expensive RTX 4070? We dive deep into the numbers to find out.

Nvidia’s RTX 4060 Ti 8GB has finally been launched, and following our review of the graphics card, we’ve thought to directly compare the $399 graphics card against its closest RTX 40-series competitor, the RTX 4070.

While the RTX 4070 is more expensive, it could also potentially make your money go slightly further if you are building a PC for gaming at higher than 1080p resolutions. We go over everything from specs, pricing, and much more to give you the best idea of what to expect from these graphics cards.

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It’s the best time to buy a new GPU, so whether you’re looking for an upgrade, or building a new PC entirely, we’re here to give you the lowdown.

RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 4070: Specifications

4060 Ti versus other GPUsDexerto
GPUNvidia RTX 4060 Ti Nvidia RTX 4070
CUDA cores43525888
Base clock2310 MHz1920 MHz
Boost clock2535 MHz2475 MHz
Release dateMay 24, 2023 / July 2023April 13, 2023
MSRP$399 / $499$599

The Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti comes in two different variants, 8GB and 16GB. However, their specs remain the exact same outside of memory configuration. Versus the RTX 4070, we can see that the 4060 Ti has 30% fewer CUDA cores compared to the RTX 4070, you should expect the relative performance of the graphics to also scale in this way, too.

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However, it should also be noted that the RTX 4070 is based on a larger die, the AD104, whereas the RTX 4060 Ti is based on the comparatively smaller AD106.

Also of note is the differences in power draw, the RTX 4070 will gulp down up to 200W to power itself, whereas the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB will only use 160W.

RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 4070: Price

The RTX 4060 Ti starts at $399 for the 8GB variant, and $499 for 16GB. This is up to $200 cheaper than the $599 MSRP of the RTX 4070. However, for that cash, you get more CUDA cores, wider bus width, and faster memory, too.

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Considering that you get 30% more cores for $200, you might want to save up your pennies ahead of your next build in order to get the fastest GPU possible for your system. While we have not yet benchmarked the 16GB variant of the graphics card, you should expect that it won’t manage to match the RTX 4070 on any front, though features like DLSS 3 are present on both GPUs.

RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 4070: Performance

BenchmarkGeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB Founders EditionGeForce RTX 4070 Founders Edition
Time Spy Extreme62318608
Port Royal777711293
Speed Way31124520
4K Forza77 FPS89 FPS
4K Cyberpunk 20771 FPS17 FPS
4K Cyberpunk DLSS 335 FPS72 FPS
4K Overwatch 2126 FPS157 FPS
4K CS:GO186 FPS204 FPS
1440p Forza108 FPS132 FPS
1440p Cyberpunk32 FPS39 FPS
1440p Cyberpunk DLSS 367 FPS126 FPS
1440p Overwatch 2234 FPS356 FPS
1440p CS:GO384 FPS607 FPS
1080P Forza129 FPS151 FPS
1080p Cyberpunk 207741 FPS60 FPS
1080p Cyberpunk 2077 DLSS 3110 FPS149 FPS
1080P Overwatch 2372 FPS422 FPS
1080p CS:GO583 FPS647 FPS

Across our array of benchmarks, the RTX 4070 is 34% faster than the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB. This includes synthetic benchmarks, and gaming benchmarks across a range of titles at 1080p, 1440p, and 4K. This difference in performance scales very well with the difference in CUDA core count between the GPUs.

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We can see the performance scale worse for the RTX 4060 Ti as you ascend in the resolutions, which can be attributed to the 128-bit bus width and limited 8GB VRAM, especially at 4K when playing Cyberpunk 2077 on Ultra. If you don’t want to fiddle around with settings, then the RTX 4070 is a much better buy.

RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 4070: Which one should you buy?

The RTX 4060 Ti might be the cheaper graphics card, but the sacrifices you make in performance when playing games stings. If you use nothing but 1080p, then maybe it’s the right GPU for you. But, for a modern graphics card, you should really look to get something slightly beefier to stand the test of time, which is why we recommend the RTX 4070 over the RTX 4060 Ti.

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We will be sure to update this page once the 16GB variant of the RTX 4060 Ti launches in July 2023.

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