Razer Orochi V2 Quartz Edition review: Lightweight gaming mouse falls short

Razer Orochi V2 mouseDexerto

The Razer Orochi V2 is a long-lasting lightweight mouse with a barebones design – but is it too simplistic for its price?

Razer is no stranger to crafting unique, high-performing mice like the Basilisk V3 Pro or the Deathadder V3 Pro. While they’re undeniably fantastic choices, the Razer Orochi V2 provides a simpler option for a much smaller price, which, when looking at certain elements of this mouse, is understandable.

Boasting adaptivity, long-lasting battery life, and lightweight designs, the Razer Orochi is the kind of mouse that will last both gamers and casual users years. However, despite that light design and adaptivity, we can’t help but feel something’s missing from its simplistic build.

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Razer Orochi V2 Key specs:

  • Weight: 72g/ 57g without battery
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless
  • Buttons: Five
  • Sensor: Razer 5G Advanced 18k DPI Optical Sensor
  • Maximum DPI: 18,000
  • Polling Rate: 125Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz
  • Battery life: Up to 425 hours on Wireless / 950 hours on Bluetooth
  • Features: Gold-plated contact points, Razer Synapse software
  • Price: $69.99, £69.99

Included in the box: Razer Orochi V2, USB receiver, 1 AA Lithium battery.

Design and features

Orochi V2 mouse designDexerto
The sleek and simple design of the Orochi V2 makes it a beautiful Razer mouse.

The Razer Orochi V2 focuses primarily on its simplistic design. Aside from the faint Razer logo etched on the front of the body, most of the mouse is a sleek baby pink. There’s no RGB surrounding the body and only the scroll wheel has a grey material, perfect for anyone looking for a more subtle design that strays away from the common well-lit tropes.

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Lightweight but substandard

One of the main elements of the Orochi V2 is its lightweight design. With the AA battery provided by Razer, the mouse comes to an impressive 72g. It feels light yet easily controllable, enabling the mouse to be equally movable and quick, although we did have to get used to not throwing it around as much as a heavier mouse.

While the weight is ideal for transport and quick gaming, it feels like that was the main focus when crafting this mouse. Therefore, the main base feels like it’s made out of thin cheap plastic which feels sub-par for a mouse with a $69.99 MSRP.

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Moreover, while Wireless mice certainly seem to be increasing in popularity, many companies are focusing on rechargeable hardware, unlike the Orochi V2, which needs batteries to run. It’s great Razer provides you with a AA Lithium battery that will likely last you months but we can’t help to feel this is a little outdated, and could only serve as an inconvenience for those who use the mouse most of the day.

Orochi V2 mouse internalsDexerto
Kitted out with a AA battery and the USB dongle, the internals are pretty barebones.

Connection tests

No matter if you’re new to setting up PC hardware or have been doing it for years, the Orochi V2 is a walk in the park to get connected.

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Whether you’re using the wireless or the Bluetooth function it’s primarily plug-and-play or connect-and-play. The mouse connects to the PC quickly and without arguments, often starting up quicker than it takes for our PC to fully turn on and staying connected throughout our 8-hour days with no stutters or faults.

If connection and speed are your concern, this mouse will work perfectly and will be such little hassle you’ll forget it’s even wirelessly connected.

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Battery life

When it comes to creating a wireless mouse with a AA or AAA battery, the first thing many will worry about is how long it lasts. Thankfully, the life for the Orochi V2 feels endless no matter how often you use it, especially with the AA Lithium battery that’s supplied with the mouse.

With a capability of up to 950 hours of battery life, gamers will hardly ever need to install a new battery and will be able to rest easy knowing they don’t need to head out and buy hundreds of packs of AAs.

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Razer Strider mouse mat

Orochi V2 mouseDexerto
The Razer Orochi works perfectly with the Strider mouse mat.

Accompanying the Orochi V2 is the Razer Strider mouse mat. This is the same light pink as the mouse and looks beautiful when used together.

Along with its beautiful and simple aesthetics, the fabric feels high-quality and allows the mouse to seamlessly glide across its large surface with no restrictions.

While the almost square-like size was a little inconvenient, certain setups will be able to thrive when using this fantastic and easily cleaned mouse mat.

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Is the Razer Orochi V2 good for gaming?

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual player, the Razer Orochi V2 is a great mouse to game with.

Its adjustability displayed through Razer Synapse and the easy switch between four customizable DPIs through an easy-to-reach button makes it a fantastic choice whether you’re playing a fast-paced FPS like Warzone 2 or slower games like Two Point Campus.

Moreover, the software that accompanies the Orochi V2, in the form of Razer Synapse, allows for easy keybinding and customizability. Although the lack of buttons means it’s not an ideal piece of hardware for MMOs due to the requirement of quick macro access.

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Ultimately, whether you’re playing through Bluetooth or a wireless connection, this mouse never stutters or falters, and reacts incredibly quickly. It’s ideal for those looking for a simple yet portable mouse to game with, without all the RGB lights or charging docks getting in the way.

Orochi V2 mouse and boxDexerto
The Orochi is neatly packaged.

Verdict – 3/5

Razer’s Orochi V2 is a simplistic yet effective mouse as far as receptiveness and software quality goes. But for a price tag of $69.99, we can’t help but think this mouse could have been made with slightly higher quality materials, or added in a rechargeable battery.

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Nevertheless, its portability and long-lasting battery life make it unique and extremely useful for gamers on the go, especially due to its lightweight design.

The Razer Oroch V2 Quartz edition is beautiful, easily adjustable, and versatile, but lacks that premium quality many have come to expect from Razers hardware, like the Deathadder V3 Pro. If you’re looking for a simplistic mouse for a similar price range, the Cooler Master MM712 is a great alternative.

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