Razer could be considering a Steam Deck-like console: “Anything is possible”

A Razer Edge and Steam DEckRazer / Valve

Razer, in an interview about the Razer Edge, told us that “anything is possible” with regard to the creation of a Steam Deck-like console in the future.

It’s not been long since the Razer Edge hit the handheld market in the US, in a glowing review, we said that the device offered a “phenomenal experience” based on the sheer number of options you have at your fingertips alone.

We have since sat down with Kevin MacLeod, a product developer at Razer, and Justin Cooney, Global Director of Partnerships at Razer in a candid interview about the Razer Edge, and its development.

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Razer could be considering making a Steam Deck competitor

Steam Deck gamesValve

Razer makes all sorts of gaming devices, so it seemed like a natural fit to quiz both Razer employees on whether or not the company would be tapping into the fierce handheld market with more than just the Razer Edge. Kevin MacLeod responded:

“I don’t think you’re gonna see Razer walk away from mobile gaming. I think you’re gonna see a lot of exciting things in the mobile gaming space from Razer in the future. Whether those are handhelds or controllers or anything else.”

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It’s a given that Razer will continue to develop mobile products, but since the Razer Edge is positioned as a cloud handheld, we couldn’t help but feel as though the company might want to get some of the Steam Deck’s portable gaming pie in the future.

“Anything is possible”

We posed the question to MacLeod and Cooney point-blank: Would Razer be making a Steam-Deck-like device of their own?

MacLeod quickly responded, while Cooney seemingly gave a knowing, playful grin. “Anything’s possible, but right now this [the Razer Edge] is what we’re focusing on, and we we are very proud of Razer Edge in its current form.”

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So, it looks like the possibility of Razer releasing a handheld like the Steam Deck is certainly not zero. With the company frequently releasing high-end PC gaming hardware like the RTX 40-series Razer Blade, as well as the Razer Edge, not too many companies would have the pedigree and design know-how to create a viable competitor to Valve’s Linux-based juggernaut. We’re currently seeing smaller manufacturers such as Ayaneo make the jump, so why not Razer?

Why buy a Razer Edge over a Steam Deck?

Razer Edge HandheldDexerto

When we asked Razer why people should buy a Razer Edge over the Steam Deck, MacLeod responded:

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“I mean, we love Steam Deck. There are a lot of PC gamers here at Razer, as you could imagine, and a lot of people have Steam Decks, and we love Steam Deck, but it’s designed for native play. It’s designed for you to take your PC game library on the device itself with you, and it does amazing things with the hardware that’s in it.

But, our device, if you already have a higher-end gaming PC, let’s say you’ve built your own gaming PC rig or you own a really good gaming PC and you don’t mind streaming, our device will play those games at much higher refresh rates, [and a] much nicer display than you can get on a Steam Deck.”

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The two handhelds serve two clearly different markets, but it also gives consumers pause over which one they should purchase, as the Steam Deck starts at the exact same price as the Wi-Fi model of the Razer Edge. You’re getting more raw power with the Steam Deck, but you won’t get as much convenience out of it as the Razer Edge, which has a markedly better screen and refresh rate.

We’re eagerly awaiting the green giant’s next foray into the handheld market if it exists. But, until then, We’ll be doing just fine with the Razer Edge and Steam Deck side-by-side.

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