Razer CEO shows off 24-karat gold gaming mouse: “It’s just so insanely over the top”

Sayem Ahmed
23 Karat Gold Razer gaming mouseX / Min-Liang Tan

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan recently posted images of a one-of-a-kind Viper Signature Mini gaming mouse with a full 24-karat gold construction.

Remember the Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition? It’s been so exclusive that even we’ve not had our hands on it yet. But, Razer’s CEO, Min Liang-Tan has an even more limited one that he recently posted on social media, and boy does it look shiny. While Razer’s gaming mice aren’t usually the cheapest on the market, the performance peripheral company has never released anything like this before.

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The entrepreneur posted images of the one-of-a-kind mouse on his various social media profiles.

Tan mentioned that the mouse is a “one-time commission”, meaning that there could be a potential buyer for this 24-karat mouse out there somewhere. Tan happens to also be speaking at the Next World Forum, which is currently being held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It’s very possible that a mystery buyer commissioned Razer for the mouse. However, Tan states that he does not have a list price for the mouse, either. We have reached out to Razer for comment.

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This isn’t the first 24 Karat gaming peripheral we’ve seen

X / Min-Liang Tan

Given the current trend in gaming peripherals (especially from Razer) to be laden with RGB, could this kick off a new trend? Where is our golden gaming PC? If you cast your minds back far enough, you’ll even remember that Linus Tech Tips once created a 24-karat gold controller, but found that it was a little bit too cumbersome to use for actual games. The controller cost $69,000 to manufacture, with the hope that the company could actually sell it to a winning buyer.

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But what happened to other materials that might actually enhance gaming performance like carbon fiber, magnesium, or other lightweight shells? We’re not particularly sure what the weight of Razer’s golden mouse ended up at, but we fear it might not exactly beat the stock Viper Signature Mini’s killer 49g weight.

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Considering that the Viper Signature Mini starts at $280, we shudder to think how much the exquisitely shiny version of the mouse ended up costing its potential buyer.

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