How to fix PS5 fan noise with one simple DIY tip

PS5 Next To ControllerSony / PlayStation

PlayStation consoles are not unfamiliar with fan problems and the latest generation is no different, as some users are reporting loud fan noises on the PS5.

Since its release, the PlayStation 5 has been one of the most sought after items of 2020. Retailers have been struggling to keep units in stock, meaning that any malfunction could mean waiting weeks before receiving a replacement console.

Unfortunately, a large number of users have been reporting some unnaturally loud noises coming from within their PS5.

Sony had made a point of delivering a quieter console for its new generation, especially as the PS4 famously struggled to keep the noise levels down by the end of its tenure.

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How to remove sticker to fix PS5 fan noise

Supercell’s own Frank Keienburg was having a problem with his new PS5, reporting a loud fan noise that “can be heard in the whole apartment”  coming from within the unit. The noise had been present since the first time he booted up the console. The initial thought was that the fan had somehow broken down.

Seeing as there was no chance that the retailer could replace it in a reasonable amount of time, he decided to take matters into his own hands and fix the problem himself.

Frank opened up the console and checked for coil whining, after ruling out electrical problems he opened the fan case.

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After inspecting the area he noticed a label inside the fan case, it had come loose and was getting in the way of the fan, causing the incredibly loud sound.

PS5 loose labelTwitter: @Frank_Supercell
Fortunately, the problem was only caused by a sticker

While the function of the blank label is still unknown, the mystery of the noise was solved. Upon the removal of the sticker, the console became as quiet as Sony promised.

The loose label might not be the cause for every PS5 with noise problems but it is nice to see that some of these cases can be easily solved at home.

Users are reporting issues with the new consoles with problems ranging from game crashes to broken rest modes, making the release of the new generation as chaotic as previous ones.

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