PS5 devkit sells for $6.5K after seller uses ingenious disguise

Rosalie Newcombe
Photo of a baked pizza by Eneida Nieves on, with an image of the PS5 dev kit from LetsGoDigital in front.

An eBay seller has sold a PS5 dev kit disguising it as a PS5 “pizza kit” to avoid getting in trouble with Sony.

Console dev kits are never meant to get into the hands of consumers. Tech giants like Sony have a lot of rules and regulations to ensure the beefy machines are kept purely in the hands of the developers.

However, one clever seller has now got around these rules and sold a PS5 dev kit for an eye-watering $6,500 by calling it a “PlayStation Pizza Kit.”

The PS5 Pizza dev kit listing was spotted on eBay by X/Twitter user consolevariant, where the tasty-looking dev kit was then shared on social media for all to see.

On eBay, the pixel-pushing console wasn’t just renamed as a “pizza kit”. The seller advertised the dev kit with a pizza slice in its v-shaped groove, adorned the background with pizza boxes, and even decorated a matching black kitchen spatula with the PlayStation logo.

While bizarre, the pizza re-branding got the job done, as the PS5 dev kit sold for an incredible 6,050 euros, which amounts to around $6,500, not including shipping. There was also a staggering total of 59 bids worth of people trying to get a slice of the kit.

Consolevariant believes the decision to rename the dev kit was to avoid Sony removing the listing. As originally reported by GameRant, past PS5 dev kits have been taken off the auction site and it’s generally believed Sony was the cause.

While it’s not uncommon to see dev kits for older consoles appear on auction sites, companies like Microsoft and Sony have cracked down on the current generation. Sony is known for not even allowing photos to be shared of its dev kits, making this listing a rarity.

However, while the PS5 “pizza kit” sold successfully, the seller may not be out of the woods just yet. Each PS5 dev kit has its own unique identifiers, so it wouldn’t be difficult for Sony to see which developer got rid of their expensive dev kit.