Nvidia GeForce Now & Xbox Cloud gaming can finally come to Apple iOS devices

Dylan Horetski
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Cloud streaming apps like Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta can finally come to Apple iOS devices after a new guidelines change.

Over the last few years, game streaming apps like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming were unable to offer native iOS apps for subscribers to play their favorite games.

Until now, users were forced to find workarounds like using their favorite web browser or a different device entirely — making for a lower quality experience.

Thanks to a guidelines change on January 25, 2024, these services, as well as many more, will be able to offer better experiences to millions of gamers worldwide.

Apple introduces new options for game streaming services

In a blog post, Apple revealed that they’re introducing new options for how apps can deliver in-app experiences to users.

This includes game streaming subscription services, like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

“Each experience made available in an app on the App Store will be required to adhere to all App Store Review Guidelines and its host app will need to maintain an age rating of the highest age-rated content included in the app,” they said.

This means that Nvidia, Xbox, and many more will be able to offer the ability to subscribe to their service through a native streaming app.

However, the transaction will also likely be higher through the mobile app as Nvidia and Xbox will have to pay a 30% fee on every transaction made through the App Store. A priority level sub to GeForce Now is $9.99 normally and may see a rise to around $12.99 through the app.

If they even develop one, that is. We’ll have to wait to see how Nvidia and Xbox approach the recent changes, and we will keep you updated.

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