Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition review: Comfort made simple

Noblechair Legend TX Anthracite EditionNoblechairs

The ergonomic Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition provides comfort, support, and premium quality all wrapped up into a minimalist design, proving you don’t need color to create fantastic gaming chairs.

Picking the perfect gaming chair is never as easy as it seems. You need to find the right support, comfort, and design to fit the space around you and your preferences. This is why a lot of gamers opt for a more minimalistic aesthetic, focusing on the game and avoiding the distraction of RGB lights or bright designs.

Luckily, the creative and highly popular Noblechairs have provided just that, straying away from their expansive gaming brand designs and opting more a more simplistic yet undeniably effective ergonomic experience with their new Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition gaming and office chair.

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Coming in at £419.99 (UK) or $639.00 (US), the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition sits comfortably in between the likes of Secretlab’s Titan EVO 2022 and the minimalist Boulies Master Series, suiting those looking for a more low-profile design with the same high-quality material.

Noblechair Legend TX Anthracite Edition seatNoblechairs
The wide base provides comfort no matter your sitting position.

Assembly and setup

Coming in a rather large box, the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition instantly felt like a sturdy and simple chair. Each piece was easy to put together, taking an inexperienced furniture builder around 30 minutes from start to finish.

On top of that, along with the clear instructions, came a variety of tools and extra resources, just in case you lose a bolt or two, bringing in that reassurance behind the chair’s safety, security, and simplicity.

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An inexperienced builder should be able to put this chair together with ease, needing little to no aid when screwing the bolts in, although you may need a bit of help moving the ultra-large, and rather heavy box into your desired location.


Noblechair Legend TX Anthracite Edition adjustableNoblechairs
Alter the back, arms, and seat with ease.

When it comes to finding a great ergonomic gaming chair, many look for either simplicity in its design or fantastical colors, light, and artwork. If you’re interested in the former, then the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition is perfect.

It uses a simple yet attractive color throughout, only changing the traditional chair design by placing a handle-like hole in the top back. While initially, we thought that hole would be a concern, testing the fully built chair proved us wrong, with the comfortable pillow seamlessly blocking the plastic coating.

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On the topic of pillows, one of the best things about the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition’s design is its adjustability and focus on posture. Its solid surface pushed our back into the right posture, while the optional back and head pillow provided a degree of luxury and comfort, complementing the often rigid style many see in similar gaming chairs.

However, while perhaps rather solid, the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition is extremely adjustable, boasting a multifunctional tilt mechanism on the back, 4D armrests, highly adjustable pillows, and a relatively large seat base, allowing any gamer to sit how they want, even if it’s not great for their back.

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Noblechair Legend TX Anthracite EditionNoblechairs
Complete with two optional pillows, this chair is the peak of adjustable comfort.

As previously described, the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition is an ergonomic chair focusing on both gaming and long periods of sitting. We tested this chair out during both video games and an 8-hour workday and found that there was no aching, uncomfortable movement, or need for constant adjustment.

While the design of the chair prioritizes comfort, two elements stood out to us as an undeniable success. The first is the design of the pillows.

On previous chairs featuring non-magnetic head pillows, it felt that smaller gamers would struggle with its positioning, with the straps holding the rest to the chair not being long enough to stretch down to sit at the right height.

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With the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition, the straps and design of the backrest enabled us to perfectly position the neck pillow, greatly reducing any neck ache present. Moreover, the optional backrest, while being a little confusing to connect to the chair, provides perfect lower back support and helps keep anyone in a comfortable yet supportive position.

The second is the use of arguably one of the softest fabrics we’ve felt on a gaming chair of this price and style. The fabric is inherently soft, smooth, and extremely easy to clean, making the entire chair feel premium, comfortable, and long-lasting.

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Should you buy it?

Noblechair Legend TX Anthracite Edition without pillows.Noblechairs
This chair will keep you comfortable no matter how long you spend at your desk.

While the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition is perhaps on the more expensive side of ergonomic gaming chairs, this is a fantastic product to purchase if you’re wanting to stray from an office chair and into something new. It also still costs less than the Herman Miller Vantum.

The simplistic design may not be for everyone but it’s hard to deny the soft materials, adjustable structure, and comfortable nature. If you’re looking for a chair that works perfectly for short or long periods of time, the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition is a fantastic choice.

The verdict – 5/5

Combining a minimalistic style with a high-quality and versatile design, the Noblechairs Legend TX Anthracite Edition is an outstanding chair with very few elements to comment on negatively. While the design may not be for everyone, it’s hard to deny the chair’s soft texture, comfortable structure, and fantastic attention to detail.

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