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Nintendo face backlash for stopping Joycon designs in support of Etika

Published: 7/Dec/2020 6:25 Updated: 9/Dec/2020 21:45

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Nintendo is facing backlash over their decision to issue a cease and desist order targeting custom Joycon shells in which some of the proceeds go to charity. However, some fans think changing the name might be a solution.

Generally, people make custom Joycon shells for profit. It’s a lucrative business that is understandably at odds with Nintendo’s interests. However, Etikons were different. They were made in honor of a streamer named Etika, who took his own life. 

Some of the proceeds went to the JED Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting mental health in teens and young adults and preventing suicide. It’s an important cause, and the Joycon shells look great. But unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. 


Nintendo targeted them with a cease and desist order back in September. The news caught wind on social media, and it’s left fans feeling more angry and disappointed than they already were.

Nintendo Etikons Joycons Backlash

CptnAlex, the man who made the Etikons, released an official statement to confirm the rumours. “All this information is accurate,” he said. “The cease and desist I received from Nintendo [includes] all of my products, including the Etikons.”

“The only claim Nintendo can make over this design is the word Joycon,” he added. “While they didn’t specifically tell me why each design was taken down, they did include a list of copyrights [that] my designs broke, and the word Joycon was on that list.”


“It’s super shitty,” he said. “I still have about 30-40 sets of shells that I’ll likely be giving away at a convention or something.” He also shared an image of the official letter he received from Nintendo.

It’s an unfortunate situation that has added to the ongoing discussion about Nintendo’s practices. Some fans are understandably saddened and frustrated, while others don’t think it’s that big of a deal, and there’s an easy fix.

“Imagine what Nintendo of America’s PR department is thinking right now,” wrote one user. “Surely losing their minds… this was for charity, and it’s in honor of a dead man who was a fan of their games.”


Nintendo Etikons Joycons Backlash

However, some believe Nintendo isn’t doing any wrong, and the whole situation has been blown out of proportion. “The actual issue is pretty benign and involves actual IP infringement,” said one user“Just remove the legal trademarks. What am I missing here?” said another

Either way, it’s a hot topic that’s gotten fans riled up on both sides. It’s a testament to how passionate the Nintendo community is, even if they find themselves at odds with other fans and the company responsible for the games they love.