New Counter-Strike 2 setting will be one of the biggest improvements vs CSGO

Counter Strike 2 key art with an RTX 4090 GPU

Counter-Strike 2 is almost here, with a release set for Summer 2023. Hardware manufacturer Nvidia is already integrating optimizations for the game, including Nvidia Reflex.

There’s feverish anticipation in the air for the upcoming Counter-Strike 2. With a release on the horizon for Summer 2023. With a limited test underway, those with access are already finding gameplay tweaks and exploits to get ahead of the curve.

However, Nvidia has just announced that their groundbreaking system latency reduction feature, named Nvidia Reflex will be coming to Counter-Strike 2. This feature can cut down on system latency, which can, in turn, help you be quicker, and more accurate when you play. We tested Nvidia Reflex in our fastest esports gaming PC build. But, for those who are running older PCs and graphics cards, you’ll also see an improvement, too.

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Nvidia claims up to a 35% latency reduction in Counter-Strike 2

A chart showing how fast Nvidia reflex is in Counter Strike 2.Nvidia

In a chart supplied by Nvidia, you can attain up to a 35% latency reduction on your system. But, since Reflex is a holistic feature, those with the right monitors and mice can also make use of the feature in order to measure their individual peripheral’s latency measurements, too.

The lower your latency, the quicker your inputs get a response from the game, and it can heavily affect gameplay, in a similar way that delay and tick do in Counter-Strike 2.

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This is a notable feature that was absent in CS:GO, and is in many other competitive shooters, like Overwatch 2. In order to make use of the feature, you’ll need to have a compatible Nvidia graphics card. Those running AMD graphics cards will not be able to use the feature.

It’s also notable that equipping yourself with the fastest PC possible is also a huge factor in your performance. We’d recommend that you opt for an RTX 40-series graphics card in order to stand the best chance in terms of achieving high framerates and getting a low system latency experience.

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