Counter-Strike 2 streamer reveals potential game-breaking one-way smoke trick

player runs out of smoke in counter strike 2Valve

Popular Counter-Strike streamer fl0m just showed off a powerful one-way smoke that also extinguishes molotovs, something that should not be possible with the latest changes. 

When Counter-Strike 2 was announced, huge changes were made to smokes and the way they interact with the map and other utilities in the game. Dubbed ‘Responsive Smokes’ by Valve, the changes were meant to force players to completely rethink how smokes are used. 

Smokes in CS2 would now dynamically fill out an area as it is coded as a three-dimensional object. Additionally, smokes are now more responsive to light, gunshots, and nades, of which, the latter two can even dissipate sections or the entire smoke cloud. 

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In theory, the change would remove sneaky one-way smokes, as CSGO’s one-way smokes can be extremely hard to spot. However, it seems CS2 still has some ways to go with their smokes, as NA pro player and streamer, fl0m, showed his stream how the new smokes mechanics can be exploited. 

To use this new one-way is pretty simple. You just need to pop a grenade in a smoke right before it fully blooms and just like that, you get a “slight one-way effect” from the smoke. as the player explained. In his demonstration, he shows the trick in action on Dust 2 A long doors to amazing effect. 

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Additionally, when showing fellow pro player and streamer MOTM the one-way, he revealed that not only is it a great one-way smoke, but it can even protect a player from molotovs that were thrown at the smoke. 

The new responsive smokes would not normally extinguish molotovs as part of eliminating one-ways. However, it seems this new one-way smoke does so. 

Obviously, CS2 is currently still in beta, which means Valve is still fixing and optimizing all of the game’s blemishes. And we will have to wait and see how the new smoke interactions will play out in other maps as well. 

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