Nanoleaf Lines – FaZe Clan Limited Editon review: Heaps of RGB goodness

Dylan Horetski
FaZe Clan Nanoleaf Lines

FaZe Clan has partnered up with Nanoleaf to create their very own limited edition set of RGB lights, and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Over the last year or so, FaZe Clan has partnered up with some of the biggest brands in gaming and lifestyle, including luxury car manufacturer Porsche and most recently GHOST energy.

Now, the team has partnered up with Nanoleaf and worked together to create their very own custom-branded Nanoleaf Lines featuring the iconic Faze Clan logo on the product. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen esports brands get into tech, as 100 Thieves owns bespoke keyboard company Higround, and Nickmercs partnered up with Apple and Beats for a custom product.

We’ve had our hands on the FaZe clan x Nanoleaf lines got our hands on the limited-edition set, but at a top-dollar price of $219 — are they really worth it?

Setup and design

Setting up the FaZe Clan limited edition Nanoleaf lines is an absolute breeze, as it’s similar to putting together a new Lego set but with fewer parts and more RGB.

The FaZe Clan Limited Edition lines come in black, which fits perfectly with the black covers for the hexagonal connection pieces that sport a gray outline of FaZe’s iconic logo.

Once you figure out what design you want to make with your lines, we found it super easy to stick the tape on the back of each connector and place them on the wall, meaning that setup was pretty minimal.

FaZe Clan Nanoleaf Lines on wall
For the layout, we chose one of Nanoleaf’s recommended designs.

If you want to make sure the FaZe logo is upright on each of the pieces, you’ll wanna do a test fit of the branded covers before placing the connectors on the wall.

RGB lights are a dime a dozen these days, but Nanoleaf has a reputation for a reason, and it’s distinctly clear in the brightly-lit quality of the LEDs, which look absolutely immaculate.

Our only complaint lies with the main parts of the set (the controller, wifi antenna, and power cable) being white, as it makes them stand out from the black lines like a sore thumb. We wished that these were a different color, making that extra bit of effort would make the package slightly more cohesive.

Being that Nanoleaf’s limited-edition black triangles come with matching black accessories— it’s a shame they didn’t give the FaZe branded lines the same treatment.


We’ve had our hands on a variety of cheaper RGB light systems that are simply controlled by a remote control or generic one-size-fits-all mobile application. But, Nanoleaf is a little bit different.

Setting the Nanoleaf Lines up in the app on our phone was easy as pie. So was pairing the lights with Google Home to enable the ability to control it with our Lenovo smart clock. While it might seem pretty obvious that the app is slick, the sheer amount of negative IoT experiences out there is staggering, so we’re happy to find that this was slick and easy to use.

The element which stands out the most when it comes to the Nanoleaf ecosystem is the variety of integrations on-hand. Specifically, Nanoleaf also has IFTTT integration, meaning that your choices for how you use them, and how they integrate into your smart home setup are almost limitless.

For those who don’t want to go through an arduous process to turn off your lights, Nanoleaf also offers a well-designed and feature-packed desktop app. This gives you the ability to make any adjustments to your lights you could think of, and even find some options that you couldn’t.

You can also use an Elgato Stream Deck can use the device to control the lights, with power, brightness, effects, and color options available through a plugin.

FaZe Clan Nanoleaf Lines
Nanoleaf’s Lines are a phenomenal product, but it’s a shame the connectors don’t match the rest of the product.

Should you buy it?

If you’re a fan of FaZe Clan and you’re looking for a set of stylish RGB lights to dress up your gaming or content creation setup, definitely go for FaZe limited edition Nanoleaf Lines.

Nanoleaf has continued to knock it out of the park with its build quality and software experience, proven by its popularity across the world.

The Verdict – 4/5

While the FaZe Clan Limited Editon Nanoleaf Lines are among the best RGB smart lights on the market, their $219 price tag and mismatching connector and power cable prevent them from being an absolutely perfect option for most consumers.

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