Man uncovers cheap RTX 4070 Ti but gets more than he bargained for

Rebecca Hills-Duty

Browsing through the PC gaming components in a thrift store, one Reddit user thought he had found an unbelievable bargain, but it had one glaring flaw – a bullet hole.

It is possible to locate some amazing finds in thrift stores, antique shops, and second-hand stores. Rare items have often been known to turn up in strange places, put on sale for bargain prices by someone who has no idea of the real value. One Reddit user thought he’d turned up the bargain of the lifetime when he found an RTX 4070 Ti graphics card in a thrift store, but it turned out to be too good to be true.

Reddit user Mikeasmaeck was shopping at a liquidation store, a type of store that sells lost packages, excess stock, and unclaimed items. He was excited when he came across a box marked as an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti. This is a high-end graphics card, which has an MSRP of almost $900. The price sticker said $450, an absolute steal for a card with the capabilities of an RTX 4070 Ti.

Thrift store sells 4070 Ti with bullet hole

Wisely, Mikeasmaeck asked if he could open the box and inspect the card more closely. That was when the disappointment set in, as it turned out the graphics card was badly damaged by what appeared to have been a bullet. The bullet appears to have torn right through the main PCB of the card, rendering it functionally useless.

It is unknown how the GPU came to be damaged in this way. It is possible that a frustrated gamer took a potshot as his PC, or perhaps this GPU spent time in a war zone, or on a military base and received an unfortunate stray bullet.

Replies on Reddit were confused as to why the graphics card was still priced at $450, since it is obviously unusable with such a huge hole through it, though it is possible the staff were unaware of the damage. Other replies suggested it might be usable as a donor board to fix another GPU, but probably not for $450.