iPhone SE 4: Rumors, price, specs & release speculation

Anurag Singh
Apple iPhone SE 2022 in all color options

The development of the new iPhone SE 4 is in full swing. But, there’s still a while before launch, here’s what rumors and leaks have revealed about Apple’s rumored budget handset.

Apple doesn’t put too much emphasis on budget phones. But the company launches an affordable iPhone SE every now and then. The last time we saw such a smartphone was in 2022 when the iPhone SE 3 debuted with decent specifications, a small form factor, and the then-latest Apple silicon.

The Cupertino company takes a straightforward approach with its iPhone SE line. It uses leftover parts from previous iPhone models to build a new phone at a lower price point. This saves Apple money on research and development costs.

Apple’s next SE model, the iPhone SE 4, will be based on the same formula. Leaks suggest it will borrow heavily from the iPhone 14 design and parts. While there’s no official launch date yet, rumors and news are already swirling. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the upcoming iPhone SE below.

iPhone SE 4: Rumored release timeline

iPhone SE 2022 in the hands of a user against a blurred background

Apple isn’t expected to launch the iPhone SE 4 in 2024. If industry rumors are to be believed, the upcoming SE model may not debut before 2025. The iPhone SE 3 was announced during Apple’s Spring Event in 2022.

You can expect the iPhone SE 4 to debut sometime in the first quarter of 2025, probably during a March Event. Of course, this is just an estimated timeline. Things will get more apparent once we get closer to the launch.

iPhone SE 4: Expected price

The iPhone SE is a lot cheaper than the standard iPhones. The iPhone SE and SE 2 were both priced at $399. The recent iPhone SE 3 saw a $30 price increase, starting at $430. The cost of components is only going to increase in 2025, so the iPhone SE 4 may be priced even higher. We expect it to cost around $500— on par with the Google Pixel 8a.

iPhone SE 4: News and spec rumors

iPhone SE 4 is going to be a significant upgrade as compared to the iPhone SE 3. It will have an entirely new design. In fact, Apple may use the iPhone 14’s chassis on the iPhone SE 4 to give it a modern look. You may see flat edges as the latest iPhones but the camera module on the rear could still house a single camera sensor.

The front may also see solid improvements. Apple could get rid of the Touch ID home button and give the iPhone SE 4 an all-screen design with an iPhone 14-like notch.

Further, the iPhone SE 4 will switch to a USB-C port for charging and data transfer, ditching the proprietary Lightning port. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as all iPhones are required to include a USB-C port per EU regulations. The Action Button Apple introduced with the iPhone 15 may be placed on the rear.

A 91Mobiles report shared CAD renders of the iPhone SE 4 which show it with the design changes we discussed above.

Another major upgrade could be in the display. The Elec claims the 2025 iPhone SE 4 will get a fancy new OLED display, instead of the LCD screen on all the older models. The panel is expected to be the same as the one used in the iPhone 13 and 14.

Apple isn’t using the OLED panels from the iPhone 15 series because that could bump up the price. Using an older panel saves Apple on research and development costs.

Over on the back, the iPhone SE 4 might get a big jump to a 48-megapixel main camera. The current iPhone SE rocks a 12-megapixel shooter. Under the hood, it could pack the same A16 chip that powers the iPhone 14. Battery-wise, it might borrow the same 3279 mAh battery as the iPhone 14, so expect similar uptime on that front.

iPhone SE 4 is expected to run iOS 18 on the software front and support 5G connectivity like its predecessor.

Should you wait for iPhone SE 4?

iPhone SE 4 isn’t launching anytime soon, so waiting for it doesn’t make sense. If you think your current smartphone will last you another year, we suggest you wait to see what the iPhone SE 4 has to offer. Otherwise, you can pick up a new iPhone 14 or 15. You can also consider checking out the iPhone 16, which will launch sooner than the iPhone SE 4 in September 2024.