iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro: Worth the upgrade?

iPhone 15 pro vs iPhone 14 proApple

Not sure if it’s worth upgrading from the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro? We’ve got a full comparison between the two iPhones to help you decide which phone is best suited for you.

The iPhone 15 Pro is Apple’s latest formidable flagship. It sets the bar high with a best-in-class display and improved camera system. But is it worth buying if you haven’t upgraded your daily driver in a while or going for last year’s iPhone 14 Pro is a better idea?

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Both iPhones start at the same price and are undoubtedly one of the best smartphones you can get. The iPhone 14 Pro impresses with its bright display, powerful A16 chip, and premium design.

The iPhone 15 Pro takes things a step further with its Titanium body and an even better chipset. There’s also a USB-C port if you consider that an upgrade.

Still undecided about which one’s better? Here’s a direct comparison between the iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro to help you decide which model to purchase.

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iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro: price

iPhone 15 pro vs iPhone 14 proApple

The iPhone 14 Pro was announced at $999 for the base model with 128GB of storage. Contrary to various rumors and reports, Apple didn’t change the price of the iPhone 15 Pro, and it also starts with 128 GB of onboard storage and is priced at $999.

However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has become costlier and starts at $1199 for the base variant with 256GB of onboard storage.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro: Specifications

iPhone 14 ProiPhone 15 Pro
SoCA16 Bionic (6nm)A17 Pro Bionic (3nm)
Display6.1 OLED6.1 OLED
Storage128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB256GB, 512GB and 1TB
Camera48+12+12, 12MP front. Triple camera with 3x optical zoom48+12.7+13, 12MP front. Triple camera with 5x optical  zoom
Charging27W wired charging. Qi1 support for wireless charging35W wired charging. Qi2 support for wireless charging

The iPhone 15 Pro offers a lot of improvements over the iPhone 14 Pro. However, the most significant difference would be a USB Type C charging and connectivity port. This makes the iPhone compatible with various accessories that use the industry standard USB-C port. Apart from faster charging, the Type C port also massively increases data transfer speeds. 

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The iPhone 15 Pro sports a new A17 Pro Bionic chipset, which is a 3nm chipset. This new chip is expected to be way more powerful and power efficient than the older A16 Bionic on the iPhone 14 Pro line-up.

When talking about specifications, Apple doesn’t speak in absolute numbers. However, it is reported that the new iPhone 15 Pro has at least 8GB of RAM compared to the 14 Pro, which had only 6GB of memory.

Apple even claims the new iPhone 15 Pro battery backup is way better than the predecessor. This is partially due to the new power-efficient chipset and a larger battery pack.

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The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro look almost identical in design. Apple has introduced new colors, and made the iPhone 15 Pro slightly thinner and lighter than the older phone.

The iPhone 14 Pro has flat sides and sharp edges, while the iPhone 15 Pro has slightly curved edges, making it arguably easier to hold on to. Apple has also replaced the mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro with an Action Button that is way more helpful and can be programmed to handle other tasks, too.

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The iPhone 14 Pro is made of Stainless Steel sides, while the iPhone 15 Pro has a Titanium chassis.


iPhone 15 pro vs iPhone 14 proApple

The iPhone 15 Pro boasts a more advanced primary camera with a bigger sensor than the iPhone 14 Pro. Even though both phones have a 48MP resolution, the iPhone 15 Pro allows users to adjust the camera’s focal length, offering 24, 28, or 25mm choices. This determines the extent of the scene the camera can capture

Apple says it has also enhanced the iPhone 15 Pro’s computational photography capabilities, particularly in Focus and Depth Control. Users of the iPhone 15 Pro don’t have to pre-select “Portrait Mode”; the phone intelligently identifies the subject and switches the camera to Portrait mode on its own.

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While the camera performance on the iPhone 14 Pro has been great, and it has been among the best camera phones, the above additional features means that the iPhone 15 Pro will have a clear edge over its predecessor.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro: Which one should you buy?

iPhone 15 Pro colorsApple

The iPhone 15 Pro is arguably the most powerful smartphone on the market. The new processor and additional memory give it enough horsepower to run console-quality AAA titles natively.

The improved camera specifications, larger battery pack, new design, better display, and the addition of a USB-C port and the action button make the iPhone 15 Pro a far superior device between the two.

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That said, if you’re already using the iPhone 14 Pro, you can still wait a year before you decide to upgrade to the new Pro phone, but if you’re planning to buy a new iPhone, then the iPhone 15 Pro should be an automatic choice.

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