Intel i7-13700K is at its lowest price in weeks on Amazon

Joel Loynds
intel 13700k

The Intel 13th generation i7-13700K is currently discounted on Amazon, making it the lowest price we’ve seen in weeks.

Intel’s 14th-generation CPUs might be getting docked in reviews for no major changes, but it certainly has its benefits. Amazon has the excellent i7-13700K reduced by 13%, bringing it down to the lowest price currently available.

The i7-13700K is the high-end midrange option from Intel, and you won’t be missing that much between the two. Intel’s 14th generation is more of a refresh – even calling it Raptor Lake Refresh – and while the i7-14700K might have got an incremental upgrade in terms of specs, the results aren’t exactly night and day.

In benchmarks, the scores might look hundreds of points removed from each other, but this is the nitty gritty side of benchmarks. These hundreds of points, once you apply it to the real world and gaming, make a negligible difference in terms of performance.

Save big on 13700K as it hits lowest price in weeks

Intel’s latest 14th-generation chips also draw a lot more power, making them more expensive to run. The 13th generation, while still power-hungry, is still drawing considerably less when maxed out.

It’s also an incredibly flexible CPU. Intel’s 13th-gen still supports DDR4 RAM, so if you’re making the switch and don’t want to do a full overhaul, it’s certainly doable. Once DDR5 RAM comes down in price, you’ll also be able to use that too. All you’d need to buy in conjunction with the CPU is a motherboard.

However, we’ve not seen the price on the 13700K drop this low in weeks, and we don’t expect to see it again until sometime in November if it gets a price reduction.

Don’t get us wrong, the 14700K will be generally faster in applications, but where it counts, you won’t be missing it. Especially when it’s literally the cheapest we’ve ever seen it.

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