How to add non-Steam games on Steam Deck

add non-steam games to the steam deck

Got a game that’s not on Steam that you want to play on the Steam Deck? Here’s how to add non-Steam titles to your library.

It might shock you to learn, but the Steam Deck is simply a Linux PC. It might look like a handheld games console, like the Nintendo Switch, but it’s totally just a PC. This allows us to do what we like with it, especially when it comes to adding non-Steam games to your Deck’s library.

It’s incredibly easy and if you’ve done it on PC before, it’ll work just as you expect here. Adding things to your Steam Deck library will also allow you to play things in Gaming Mode as well, as well as run non-supported games through Proton.

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How to put non-Steam applications on the Steam Deck

First, we need to enter Desktop Mode. Press the Steam button, and go to Power. The menu comes up, choose Desktop Mode. You’ll have a quick blip and be booted into the desktop environment.

Once you’ve downloaded your games from Good Old Games or the Epic Store,, or wherever else you might acquire video games from, open up Steam.

In the bottom corner of the app, there’s a plus sign button and it’ll give you the option to add a non-Steam game to your library. It’ll open a window for you to search for your games. Ensure you know where you’re looking before heading into this, as Linux isn’t as simple to find files as Windows.

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If you’ve installed a game from an outside platform onto other storage, like an SD card, for instance, you’ll need to head into run/media/mmcblk0p1.

Make sure you also select from the file browser drop-down menu to include All Files, as by default it looks for Linux-only apps.

Once you’ve found your game’s executable file (this will still be a .exe file), add it to the library and we can move on.

Turn on Proton compatibility

Before launching the game, be sure to make it work with Proton. To do so, click the game in the library, and click the settings gear icon. Choose “Properties” and then “Compatibility”. Choose which Proton version you want – Experimental or the latest full release is recommended.

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Re-enter gaming mode and your new, non-Steam game should boot up as normal on your Steam Deck.

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