How to get Discord’s new Mobile App Layout for iPhone and Android

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Discord new mobile app layout

Discord, the widely recognized chat app, has finally updated its mobile layout for iOS and Android. Here’s your guide to unlocking Discord’s new mobile layout on your smartphone.

Debuting in 2015, Discord quickly became the internet’s go-to spot for diverse content, boasting servers for nearly any topic you can think of.

However, the visual style remained consistent until Discord announced a fresh mobile layout in February 2023. This led to speculation about when it would be rolled out to the general public outside the initial test group.

The good news? You don’t need to wait for an official rollout. The hidden new layout can be accessed by anyone who knows where to look among Discord’s extensive settings.

How to get new Discord Mobile app Layout via Easter Egg

Here’s how to access the new Discord Mobile Layout for iPhone, iPad, and Android:

  • Send the Sparkle emoji in your preferred server
  • Once sent, tap on the Sparkle emoji to open the description box
  • In that box, tap and hold on the image until the new layout appears

Once you enable the new layout, it should walk you through the app to give you a brief description of new features.

There are new features all over the app’s new layout, so we recommend taking some time to check it out.

How to opt out of Discord’s new Mobile Layout

Discord logo on a blue background

While a design update means that there are a lot of new features to try and test, it might only be for some. Some people might still prefer the tried and tested version out of choice or because of muscle memory they’ve built over the years. If you are one of those who didn’t like Discord’s new mobile layout and want to go back to the original one, you can easily switch back.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Tap on your profile in the bottom right
  • On the top left, tap on the gear to open App Settings
  • Tap on Appearance
  • Turn off the toggle for “Show New Layout.”

To check out some of the new features before deciding to make the switch, Discord’s Support Site has plenty of details.

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