Best Buy reportedly issues recall on Casetify cases amid Dbrand lawsuit

Josh Tyler
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One Best Buy employee seems to have revealed that the chain is beginning to recall Casetify PC phone cases following a recent lawsuit.

Casetify, one of the biggest sellers of protective phone cases in the world, has come under fire for accusations of plagiarism for their case designs.

Recently, YouTuber JerryRigEverything collaborated with a rival phone case vendor Dbrand for a new ‘Teardown’ series which puts models the design of the case on the phone’s internal hardware.

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When Casetify released a new ‘Inside Out’ series of cases based on a similar concept, JerryRigEverything and Dbrand revealed that this was more than a coincidence, pointing out several hidden details that Casetify had also lifted for their designs. As a result, the company began to pursue legal action against Casetify, which is scaring off some retailers.

Best Buy begins to recall Casetify phone cases

With legal action from Dbrand now in the works, one of the biggest sellers of electronics and accessories is pulling back on selling Casetify products.

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One Best Buy employee posted two images on X, formerly known as Twitter, showing labels with instructions for “select Casetify iPhone cases” to be pulled from the shelves as part of a recall.

The employee confirmed this was not an isolated incident at their store, saying “I work at Best Buy. Got an internal notice that Casetify’s ripoffs are being recalled country-wide.”

Plenty of consumers took to the comments to express their appreciation for Best Buy for recalling these allegedly stolen phone case designs.

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But even the company that is now legally opposing Casetify got in on the action, replying to the employee with a skull emoji.

There have been no further developments on the status of the legal dispute between Dbrand and Casetify, but be sure to keep it here at Dexerto as we will be providing any updates on the case.

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