Ayaneo Kun price revealed & it looks like a killer Steam Deck rival

Joel Loynds
ayaneo kun

CEO Arthur Zhang announced the prices for the upcoming handheld in a short stream going through details around the Ayaneo Kun.

The Ayaneo Kun is very nearly ready to hit Indiegogo. With it on the way, CEO, Arthur Zhang hosted a presumed last stream before it hits presale and went through some of the more granular details for the Kun.

Aside from explaining the device in more detail, Zhang announced the price for the four different variations of the Ayaneo Kun. As with previous Ayaneo handhelds, the company releases several versions at different specs, and the Kun is no different.

Rather than the 2S’ additional branded color schemes (like B.Duck), the Ayaneo Kun will instead kept to more simple three-color versions. There’s White Silk, Black Feather, and Silver Wing.

As with previous Ayaneo handhelds, the specs range from 16GB of DDR5 RAM with 512GB of storage, to 64GB and 4TB. However, Silver Wing is exclusive to the higher tiers and is equipped with 32GB or 64GB and 2TB or 4TB of storage.

The stream goes into more detail surrounding the specs, including the new “KunPeng” cooling system, which Ayaneo states is “beyond imagination”. It’ll need to be, as the massive 75Wh battery at 19500mAh will be needed as the Kun can be clocked to 54W TDP for power. For comparison, the Ayaneo 2S and Asus ROG Ally can only go up to 30W and 35W TDP to push games to the brink.

Ayaneo Kun price revealed

The Ayaneo Kun will start from an early bird price of $999 when it hits Indiegogo. You can find the prices below for the rest of the models:

Ayaneo Kun SpecEarly BirdIndiegogoRetail
16GB + 512GB$999$1129$1209
32GB + 1TB$1159$1229$1319
32GB + 2TB$1259$1329$1429
64GB + 4TB $1699$1809$1949

The Early Bird special is usually limited to a few hundred units, while the Indiegogo price will persist all the way through the campaign. Once it leaves Indiegogo, the official retail price will be implemented on the Ayaneo store.

Preorders aren’t available yet, but the Indiegogo page is live right now.

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