HyperX Alloy Origins 65 keyboard review: Close, but not quite

Dylan Horetski
HyperX Origins 65% gaming keyboard review

HyperX’s Origins 65 mechanical keyboard is the company’s first attempt at a 65% “mini” keyboard, and a solid one at that — although it’s not perfect.

Over the last year or so, more and more big-name companies have found themselves developing smaller keyboards — with many settling on the convenient 65% form factor to save desk space while also maintaining the arrow keys for those who don’t need constant access to the number pad.

The HyperX Alloy Origins 65 is the company’s first foray into the smaller size, complete with double-shot PBT keycaps and their own branded switches. We’ve spent time testing out the Alloy Origins 65 fitted with HyperX’s Red Linear switches, and it’s not quite perfect.

Key Specs

  • Switch type: HyperX Red Linear
  • Keycaps: double-shot PBT keycaps
  • Connectivity: Wired/USB-C
  • Form factor: 65%
  • Lighting; RGB, configurable via HyperX NGENUITY Software
  • Features: 1000hz polling rate, 100% anti-ghosting, n-key rollover, multi-level height adjustment
  • Price: $99.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon US

Included in the box: Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Detachable USB Cable, HyperX Keycap Puller, 1x HyperX-designed ESC Keycap, 1x HyperX-designed Spacebar, Quick Start Guide


HyperX Origins 65 review
The Origins 65 provides users with two different options for keyboard angles.

When it comes to the design of the Origins 65, you’re met with an unassuming keyboard. It’s quite plain, but that’s not a wholly bad thing.

The keyboard is fitted with a set of double-shot PBT keycaps that help provide a beautiful sound while typing. HyperX doesn’t provide specs for the caps, but when measured with our digital calipers we found them to be 1.4mm in thickness, which are much better than other prebuilt keyboards we’ve used in the past. With thicker keycaps, they’re less likely to break after constant use and help provide a better sound to each of the key presses.

The aluminum alloy body of the keyboard provides nearly two pounds of weight, giving the Origins 65 a premium feel that makes the keyboard feel like it’ll last a lifetime, while also helping with the board’s acoustics while typing.

One of our favorite parts of the keyboard is the minimalistic branding choices. HyperX has opted to only place its logo on the removable space bar keycap and the bottom of the body. The minimalistic choices allow users to create a more “sleek” setup without tons of branding while making it known that the Origins 65 is in fact a HyperX board. If you’re after something more eye-catching, however, HyperX has included red space-themed ESC and Spacebar keycaps in the box.

Setup and Features

The keyboard’s RGB options offer customizable, individually backlit keys. At this price range, however, we expected the lighting to be a bit more accurate.

During our testing, we found that colors were tinted red due to the color of the switch stems. Also, the function guides printed on the site of the keyboard aren’t shine-through, making it hard to see them in the dark.

It offers a gaming mode that helps prevent gamers from accidentally opening the start menu, media keys, and the ability to adjust backlight brightness through the function layer. To customize the lighting and macro keys, however, you’ll have to install HyperX’s NGENUITY software which is available on both the website and the Microsoft app store.

HyperX NGENUITY software
HyperX’s NGENUITY software is a great no-frills way to control your keyboard.

The no-frills software is pretty straightforward, offering just the needed options to make the changes you wish to make on the keyboard. Compared to more feature-packed software like SteelSeries GG and even Razer Synapse, it’s a welcome aspect of HyperX peripherals as it takes fewer computer resources while running in the background.

This doesn’t mean feature-packed is a bad thing, either, as SteelSeries GG also provides a screen capture tool, and audio mixer for its Arctis Nova headset line, and even the chance to enter giveaways.

The company has opted to not provide hot-swap capability to the Alloy Origins 65, which is something that we believe many keyboards in its price range should come standard with as it allows users to try out different switches without having to spend the money for a whole new keyboard, as well as offering the ability to easily repair the product if a switch were to quit working after extensive use.

We also wish that the Origin’s 65 offered a wireless option, whether it be through Bluetooth or 2.4ghz wireless, to give users the ability to get rid of wires whether it be at home or on the go.

Typing Experience

HyperX Alloy Origins 65% keyboard
The Origins 65 we tested is fitted with HyperX red linear switches and Doubleshot PBT keycaps.

You can tell that HyperX has put a fair amount of effort into designing their own line of mechanical switches, and we’ve found their red linears are some of the most enjoyable switches to type on. They offer a 45g operating force and an actuation point of 1.8mm, which allows for a confident and effortless typing experience.

The Alloy Origins 65 also helps elevate its experience by offering two different incline settings to help with wrist pain during long-typing sessions, although we wish it would have come with its own wrist rest.

Is it good for gaming?

With features like n-key rollover allowing the keyboard to recognize multiple keys at one time, we found the Alloy Origins 65 was absolutely flawless in our testing on Warzone and Overwatch, although we wish we could say the same about ourselves.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a high-quality no-frills 65% keyboard, that does exactly what it advertises, or you just want your keyboard to match the rest of your HyperX setup, you definitely won’t regret buying the Origins 65.


HyperX has continued to make high-quality peripherals for gaming enthusiasts, but the lack of wireless connection and hot-swap switches are a letdown and we wish it just had that little bit extra to put it on par with other favorite keyboards of ours.

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