Hi-Fi Rush PlayStation and Nintendo release rumors infuriate Xbox players

Ethan Dean
Hi-Fi Rush PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Rumors that Hi-Fi Rush will be forgoing its Xbox exclusivity to appear on PlayStation and Nintendo Consoles have caused outrage among Xbox gamers.

Since its unexpected stealth drop in January 2023, Hi-Fi Rush has been an incredible success for Xbox. The first-party exclusive rhythm-action game captured the imagination of players with its uniquely satisfying gameplay.

The game got its due at The Game Awards 2023 picking up the award for Best Audio Design as well as nominations for Best Action Game and Best Art Direction. It was a massive win for Xbox to have one of its exclusives perform so well but recent rumors have suggested Hi-Fi Rush won’t retain its exclusivity.

Previously credible insiders like Nate the Hate and Reset Era user lolilolailo have suggested Hi-Fi Rush will come to PlayStation consoles and the Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. IGN’s Executive Editor Ryan McCaffrey praised the potential move on Twitter but Xbox players in the thread did not share his enthusiasm.

McCaffrey suggested that the transition of first-party Xbox exclusives after a year or longer is a net benefit for Xbox and its potential profits. Xbox gamers in the replies, however, failed to see it that way and suggested that the loss of exclusivity for first-party titles decreases the value of Xbox consoles.

“You’ve been around long enough to know this is objectively not ideal for the Xbox gamer that invested in the console ecosystem,” one user put forward. “Xbox is not going to grow its console base by letting its exclusives go to Switch and PS5. As a matter of fact, it’s only going to help diminish it over time,” another replied.

Others in the comments took a more measured approach and seemed to understand the benefits for Hi-FI Rush’s development team. “The game will find a new audience on Switch, and that’s a good thing,” one user explained.

More Xbox gamers were fine with smaller titles like Hi-Fi Rush being shared around but insisted a line be drawn elsewhere. “I’d be ok with Hi-Fi coming to the Switch. I think the concern folks have is if Xbox’s big first-party games like Halo, Gears, and Forza go multiplatform, it would devalue having an Xbox console.”

Hi-Fi Rush gameplay screenshot
At the risk of inflaming things further, Hi-Fi Rush on a DualSense would be amazing.

Presently, Hi-Fi Rush’s move to PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch is just a rumor and there’s been no formal announcement from Xbox or Tango Gameworks. It’s best to take this news with a grain of salt.

One of the key pieces of evidence being cited is the game being rated for PlayStation consoles in Australia but this occurred in 2022 and there’s been no word since. Whether any first-party Xbox exclusives make their way beyond PC remains to be seen.

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